How To Stay Healthy When Flying

Flying can be hard on your healthy routine, but it doesn’t have to throw you off balance, all it takes is some simple preparation, and knowing these clever hacks. We have it all sussed out, so you don’t have to worry, just follow our guidelines.
Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail

Make sure you have snacks ready in your bag, as often airports are not equipped with healthy snacks, or their ‘healthy’ options, really are not suitable at all. Put a handful (around 20 no more) of raw almonds, with raisins and cranberries in a small ziplock bag to have at the ready if you need to munch on something. This is a great way of getting in your protein and healthy fats.

Make sure to stay hydrated, as flying can cause water retention, and there is nothing worse than feeling like your jeans are tight and your fingers have swelled.

Make sure to have a travel size bottle of face moisturizer for during the flight. Your skin loses a lot of moisture and it is important to replenish.
What To Avoid

Don’t eat the plane food or snacks, as they contain a lot of sodium, which will add to the water retention, and make you feel crappy. Have at least 2 portions of fruit with you, in case those hunger pangs arise.