Tulum: Where Paradise Really Does Exist

With its picturesque coastline, palm tree-lined streets and luminous sunshine, there’s more reason to fall in love with Tulum upon the first visit – it emanates an infectious energy which you can feel as soon as you arrive. This region of the Yucatan peninsula has long been described as an energy vortex (a place of high-energy field) and after visiting, you’ll be conscious of how at ease and centered you feel.

Where to stay
Designed with respect for the land it occupies, the only permanent structure is a central pavilion made of concrete and metal beams, with palms trees still running through it. Rooms are comprised of raised tents and for those who wish to wake up to the sound of crashing waves, there are ocean-front abodes. Inclusive, inspiring and fun, Habitas encourages guests to become part of their community, which is why all wellness activities are free if you’re a guest of the hotel. Try daily yoga and mandala workshops, and meditating on the shore. You’ll be left feeling refreshed and energized.

Casa de las Olas
Amongst many eco-friendly resorts in Tulum, this family-run hotel in Mexico has a negative footprint, meaning its ecological impact on the area leaves it in a better state than before it existed. Tucked away from the main party strip at the edge of the Sian Ka’an reserve, it is 100% solar powered, there is no air-con, hairdryers are not allowed and showers use rain-collected water.

Proving that good things come in small packages, this 9-room hotel feels more like a beachside retreat. The beachside bar with a family table (sourced from local artisans, like much of the furniture here) provides a shady spot which is perfect for catching up with emails or getting a bit of work done if you’re not planning on going fully out of office during your trip. The private beach with beds and blankets is an ideal spot to watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand.