3 Tips To Help You Pack Smart

Planning for a big trip or even a small trip can be time-consuming itself. You have to decide what to bring, make a packing list, decide if you want to carry-on or check your bag and the list goes on and on. But when it comes to packing itself it can be tricky to maximize the space in your bag while only bringing the essentials. Do you really need five changes of clothes for a weekend away? Probably not. Here are some tips and tricks to make packing just a tad bit easier and leave room for you to bring back some fun souvenirs.

3 Tips To Help You Pack Smart

Packing Cubes

These have literally been a game changer for a lot of travelers. These cubes come in a variety of sizes and materials and cater to every traveler’s needs. Throwing everything inside your bag with little to no organization is not the way to pack. Choose a series of three cubes with your big items of clothing folded into the largest one, smaller things like shirts in the medium sized one and accessories and smaller clothing items in the smallest of them. You can also get a mesh bag to store dirty laundry in so that the rest of your clothing stays fresh as your travel.


Yes, those pesky rules that say you can only bring small liquids under 150ml in your carry-on bags are annoying but necessary. This does not mean you cannot bring larger containers like shampoo and conditioner in your stowed luggage. BUT if you are going to pack these what you should do is tape the lid and the seam between the base and the lid closed, then place it inside a plastic bag and make sure it is wrapped around it or sealed. This will make sure that if the bottle leaks or breaks none of your clothes or other important items will be ruined.

Revise Your Packing List

You may not think that you need a packing list but trust us this is a major help in deciding what to actually bring on your trip. Select everything from your list and lay it out on your bed and then try and half the amount of clothing. It is unlikely you will really need it all unless you have an event with multiple clothing changes. You should be able to revise what you need and only bring the real essentials. After all, you are going on a trip you will want to pick up some things along the way!