3 Top Translation Apps

Not all of us are bi-, tri-, or if you’re really lucky multilingual, this means that when you are traveling you often need to be able to translate signs, ask for help, and figure out transportation on the fly. To make navigating language barriers a little bit easier we have compiled the top five apps you need to download if you find yourself in a language bind.

Google Translate

With the ability to be used on and offline, this is largely considered one of the best-translating apps out there. You can scan pictures with text, draw in words, and type anything you need translating. The app itself has 103 built-in languages that can be used if you type in something and 53 of those can be used in the offline mode. Essentially, you have the ability to quickly translate anything that crosses your path as long as it is one of the more commonly spoken languages around the world and to top it off it’s free.


Another popular app, it also has the ability to translate from 100 languages but with a few different features than Google. You can actually have someone speak into the app and it will translate what they said and provide you with verb conjugations if you are trying to adopt a sentence or learn to speak the language yourself. It should be noted that to have access to all of these features though you do need to pay $39.99 for the year.


This app is more than just something to be used for translation but also helps you to learn about the country and culture you are visiting. You can speak into the app and it will translate what you say into the native language, provide you with key phrases you will most likely need, such as “Where is the best restaurant in town?” and even how to stay safe. It is constantly being updated, so when you select the country you are visiting it will automatically download the destination file for you. The phrase section is by far its greatest asset because instead of simply translating everything you can learn how to talk like a local, or just ask where a good bar is! This is also a paid app and it costs $39.99 for three months making it a bit on the pricey side. If you are an avid traveler it might be worth the investment.