Cute Passport Holders

Nobody wants to misplace travel documents before a big trip. Anyone who has put down their passport while packing and then looked up and had an “oh no” moment knows the absolute terror that runs through your body as you begin the desperate search for it before you have to leave for the airport. Avoid this problem by sticking your passport into a cute holder or at least one that is brightly colored so that it pops out at you from whatever place you have hidden it from yourself by accident. Here are some of our top picks!

Cute Passport Holders

Wanderlust Collection Amazon

Amazon has dipped its fingers into almost every field these days and travel is no exception. Their lines of passport holders feature fun themes with cartoon-like drawings of famous places like the Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, and Vespas. It perfectly fits your passport and tucks away in your bag for easy use.

Cute Passport Holders

A Floral Affair

April showers bring May flowers which makes this floral passport holder from Anthropologie the perfect accouterment for this Spring season. You can choose from a variety of florals and find a pattern which features your favorite blooms. This one has a watercolor-like image which adds a nice artsy touch to it as well.

Cute Passport Holders

Simple and Classy

You may not want something showy but instead something sedate and quiet while still saying “Here is your passport.” Nordstrom makes a good line of holders which come in quiet pastel colors like dusky rose and simply say “En Route.” This is a good route to go if you are not prone to placing your passport in a place that might be easily overlooked as you gather yourself together for your journey.

World Map

For the world traveler who wants to flaunt it then a map is probably what will suit your travel style. This contemporary map which features all of the continents and their states colored in different colors is a great eye-catcher. You will not lose this one when you are shuffling through your purse looking for your travel documents.


Some people want a folio that will zip up and contain all of their documents, not just their passport. If you are one of these then this one made by Matt and Nat in vegan leather is perfect. It also turns into a belt pack so you can strap it around your waist for easy access as you globetrot. Functionality can be everything when you have a long journey ahead of you.