Keep Yourself Safe And Use These Travel Safe Packs

When traveling in any country travelers need to be aware of their surroundings. There are lots of scams that go on in cities packed with people that can leave you missing a few important documents or some valuable personal items. Nobody likes wearing those old school money belts that you can hide underneath your clothes, especially if you are in a place where it is swelteringly hot. That’s why these companies have paved the way with slash-proof backpacks, purses, and lots of other bags so that you can avoid being a victim of theft. But not all safe packs are created equal. Here are the top three anti-theft bags that have travelers oohing and awe-ing over them.

Keep Yourself Safe And Use These Travel Safe Packs

Travelon Anti-Theft Backpack

Coming from one of the top anti-theft makers in the world this backpack is designed so that potential thieves will have a hard time slashing it or even slipping a hand inside to steal something. This backpack has RFID technology to protect your cards. RFID aims to protect you from the technologically savvy criminal who is able to swipe your banking information by scanning your cards in your purse or wallet. It also features a ‘slash’ proof body which has metal wire built into the layers between the outer material and the inner compartments. This means someone who drives by on a scooter and tries to slash the straps of a bag will not be able to and hopefully buy you enough time to get to safety. The cool feature that this bag has and a lot of others do not is the detachable LED flashlight from the rear pocket. You can comfortably fit everything you need for a weekend inside.

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350 Anti-Theft Backpack

This bag has all the features you would expect such as the slash-proof technology, RFID, and locking zippers but it’s designed for travelers who want to bring their laptops or iPads out for the day with them. It also has side pockets for water bottles or umbrellas which the Travelon model does not have. One thing to be mindful of is how much space you will need. These are daypacks so if you are looking for a long haul backpack you will want to check out the 45L ones as this can only fit about 15L.

Baggallini Anti Theft Convertible Backpack

The most stylish option on this list is this model which can be converted into a purse or a backpack depending on what you need. It also has an RFID wallet protector built into it along with a wristlet with the same tech if you want to put your bag in a locker at a train station or museum as you wander around. It is slash proof but not all of the zippered pockets have built-in locks which is a bit annoying. Overall, these three make for great day packs that will protect your passport, credit cards, and any electronics you have with you.