Long Layover? Here Are The Top Airports To Catch Some Zzz’s

Flight cancellations and long layovers are never ideal, but they do happen. If you have a long layover you can often plan ahead so you can map out where you want to sleep, what the actual sleeping options are, and if you can book them ahead of time to make the whole process smoother. These top Asian and European airports definitely fulfill all the criteria when it comes to amenities and sleeping areas both unpaid and paid depending on how comfortable you want to be.

Singapore’s Changi Airport

More often than not this airport is ranked as being the best in the world all around, but focusing specifically on where to sleep you will find there are six areas designated for sleeping which feature free loungers. But, if you need a place that is quiet and devoid of bright lights you may want to opt for a nap room which you can rent by the hour, three transit hotels where you can rent for longer periods such as six hours for a layover, or an all-service hotel which is all found through security. Just remember to pack your earplugs and an eye mask so you can get as much rest as possible before a long haul flight!

Seoul Incheon International Airport

Next up is South Korea’s main international airport which also has amazing amenities like an ice rink! For sleeping, there are also a few very comfortable options. There is a jimjilbang which is a Korean bathhouse. It has mats you can pull out to sleep on if you have an early morning flight and cannot go through security yet, but want to spend the night at the airport without breaking the bank. Once through security, there are a variety of Rest and Relaxation rooms with the same mats on the floor and designated quiet zones. There is also a transit hotel called the Incheon Airport Transit Hotel where you can book rooms for six-hour spans. No need to sleep on benches here.

Helsinki Vantaa Airport

Once through security in Helsinki, you can find the Kainuu Lounge which features a quiet area with loungers and carpeting. There are less free options for a comfortable sleep here, so renting a sleeping pod in Terminal 1 may be your best option if you have just come off of a long flight and need to be horizontal for a bit. If you want to shower, you may want to dole out for one of the lounges such as the Finnair one which also has a variety of foodstuffs and a full bar which is included in the cost. Every airport has some area you should be able to lie down in, just do your research if you have an upcoming layover so you can simply go to sleep as soon as you land!