How To Pack For A Festival- Your Essential Guide

How To Pack For A Festival- Your Essential Guide

Festival season is always the best time of year, whether its Coachella you are preparing for or Burning Man,  there are efficient ways to pack, to ensure that you stay organized and worry-free. We have compiled your how-to pack list, and what to pack, so that when you are camping, you will be able to enjoy yourself to the max.


Pouches are an efficient way to pack, this way you will know where all of your clothes are, and won’t need to be scrambling around or frantically searching for those wanted items. If you organize your clothes into proper piles and set them neatly into pouches, then this will make camping life so easy.

Healthy Snacks

It is hard to stay healthy at festivals, so in order to avoid spending unnecessary money and eating badly, bring your own snacks that you can carry on you, or keep in your tent for when you get peckish. Bring bags of fresh natural almonds, raisins, protein or energy bars, fruit that won’t go bad such as apples, rice cakes and oat cakes.

Festival Accessories

Of course you need all the festival attire and we are sure you have planned your outfits, but don’t forget your accessories. Glitter is a must! stick on tattoos are very essential, as well as bright eye makeup and jewels.

First-Aid Kit

You never know when an accident might strike, so it is always good to be prepared, with band-aids, anti septic creams, pain killers, bug spray and sun lotion is essential.

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