The Perfect Travel Wardrobe

The Perfect Travel Wardrobe

Composing the perfect shot for your Instagram while traveling takes time. It is not completely effortless even if influencers would have you believe otherwise. You need to have the right backdrop, composition, lighting, and more importantly clothes. Your outfit is what can make a photo really pop. Think about famed photographer Murad Osman’s Follow Me To series of photographs that he has taken of his wife Nataly. Every picture of her hand holding his and leading him to a beautiful destination is focused on the backdrop but also the outfit that she has been dressed in which reflects the destination they are in. This is where selecting the perfect travel wardrobe comes in.

Step 1: The Destination

Once you know where you are going you can begin to decide what clothes you should bring. If you are heading to India you know you will be purchasing some brightly colored and beaded saris which will stand out as you take a picture in front of the Taj Mahal. However, you should plan to take some of your own clothes and imagine how they will photograph wherever you are headed. If you are going to Cannes, France you will want to bring a blue and white striped dress or some other outfit that screams classic movie star as your photos will have palm trees and yachts in the background.

The Perfect Travel Wardrobe

Step 2: Your Jewelry

This is a hard one because everyone always wants to look their best but expensive gold, silver, and diamond jewelry has a tendency to draw attention and not necessarily the kind you want. The best thing to do when traveling is to select one or two important pieces that are not too flashy so you can accessorize your outfits. Plastic and wooden jewelry can tie an outfit together if you find some funky pieces and be great accent pieces for travel portraits.

Step 3: Stay Warm or Keep Cool

The last thing to consider when planning your outfits is what the potential weather will be. We all want to look cute in our sundresses and big sunglasses but evenings can be on the cooler side. Due to this make sure you pack a cardigan or sweater which will accentuate your outfit, just because you have to cover up does not mean you will not look chic.

Step 4: Shoes

Last but not least you do not want to bring a suitcase full of shoes. Select three or four pairs which go with all of your outfits from heels to sandals so that you can interchange them all as you need to. Your Insta shots will be influencer worthy we’re sure.