How to Stay Healthy When Travelling

Traveling nowadays can be putting you at risk, and often it’s essential to take specific steps to stay healthy. From unknown viral strains to aircraft germs, many things could make us sick. Luckily with these simple tips, you can keep stay healthy and get the most out of your trip.

Pack for safety
Before leaving on a big trip, there are certain medications that you want to make sure to pack as often these medications can be a lifesaver when in a foreign country. After all, not all the medication you can find at home can be found in some countries. Make sure you have all your prescriptions as well as certain over the counter medicines like diarrhea medication, a decongestant, some fever medicine, and an excellent nasal spray. These will be great for stopping a cold in its tracks.

Stock up on Vitamin C and probiotics before your trip
According to the National Institute of Health, taking an oral vitamin c supplement can reduce the onset of colds by up to 50% as it is excellent for boosting the immune system. Probiotic supplements can also boost your immune system and also help your body produce natural antibiotics. These supplements are a great start to improving your overall health before taking a long trip abroad.

Carry antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer
Airports, airplanes, and public transport are a hotbed for germs, and any surface you touch can pose a threat. So make sure to pack a good supply of antibacterial wipes and wipe down the surfaces in the plane or train. Keep your hands clean by using hand sanitizer frequently, and make sure not to touch your face or eyes unless your hands are clean.

Get those vaccinations
Depending on your destination, be sure to check what vaccinations you need for your trip.

Preplan any vaccination in advance instead of getting them at the last minute as sometimes you can experience an adverse reaction to the vaccine. With the necessary vaccines, you can further protect yourself and stay healthy