Hidden Gems of South Africa

Bordered by two vastly different oceans, South Africa sits proudly on the tip of Africa and boasts a myriad of different landscapes and terrains. While wild jungles line the country’s eastern shores to the west the coast is surrounded by majestic mountains and as you head further north this turns to the desert coastline of the Skeleton Coast. Inland, the countries interior is unique and features golden grasslands where many of the countries’ game reserves and safari parks can be found.
Despite its turbulent history, this citadel of democracy has transformed itself into a mighty nation with an exuberant culture. While its friendly people and delicious local foods entice visitors, the biggest draw is the unique and varied landscape and tourist destinations on offer. Here are some of the most enchanting places to visit while in South Africa.
The Garden Route
South Africa’s Garden Route runs about 200 km along the southeastern coast of the country and it is here where you can see the countries idyllic coastal scenery which includes overgrown jungles of tropical plants, rolling hills, ocean cliffs, and isolated lagoons. Called the garden route because of its luscious greenery, here you can ride elephants along the beaches, go diving in the warm Indian ocean waters and (depending on the time of year) even go whale watching. The beaches along the route boast some of the best surf spots in the world.
Hidden Gems of South Africa

The Blyde River Canyon
Located inland the canyon is the second-largest in Africa and there are several hiking trails with panoramic views of the canyon, river, and mountains. Often called ‘God’s Window’, the view from the top of the canyon is spectacular and if you are brave enough you can tour the area in a hot air balloon. On the canyon floor, there are places where tourists can see more wild game, including hippos and crocodiles and for the more adventurous travelers, there is also white water rafting to pass the time.
The Kruger National Park
This is one of the world’s most famous safari parks and it is here that guests can see African animals in the natural habitat. The park’s main attractions are the game drives where visitors can travel through the bush and see the big five (leopards, lions, rhino, water buffalo and elephants) up close.
Hidden Gems of South Africa

At sunset, you can enjoy cocktails on the balcony of your bush chalet as giraffes graze on the treetops outside. The park offers an intimate look at African wildlife and even though its located deep in the bush, guests are guaranteed luxury.