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Most Iconic Neighborhoods in Rio


Rio de Janeiro is famous for its gorgeous people, amazing beaches and of course for carnival. The whole city moves with the rumba rhythm and travelers to the city are never disappointed. With amazing sites to see the city has a tremendous amount to offer tourists. If you are not sure what neighborhoods to visit here are some of the cities best.
This iconic spot is so famous it has had songs written about it and this fashionable neighborhood and its beach is one of the most popular spots in the entire city. Ipanema’s gently curving beach is a great spot for some sunbathing and a swim or two, and along the beach there are plenty of amazing hotels and spas. The neighborhood itself is filled with high-end restaurants and lively bars and together these all make Ipanema a great vacation spot.
Santa Teresa
Unlike Ipanema which has a high fashion/party vibe, Santa Teresa is a more laid back and historical neighborhood where the streets are lined with colonial and European architecture that continue up the sloping hills of the landscape.

This neighborhood is equal parts jungle and historical Portuguese villas and its one of the greenest parts of the city. From the rooftops in the Santa Teresa neighborhood, you can see a view of the entire city and it’s the perfect spot to stop and have a cocktail as you watch the sunset.
Like Ipanema, the Copacabana is world-famous and stunningly beautiful. The area is a little more working-class than high-end Ipanema, but this only adds to its rustic, urban charm. Copacabana beach runs across the Copacabana neighborhood and here you can relax, swim or enjoy some beach activities like volleyball.

If you get hungry you can visit the areas many local eateries called ‘boteco’ where you can enjoy cocktails and authentic Brazilian food.