Coffee Capitals For The Connoisseurs

That smell of coffee brewing in the morning is what gets most people up, out of bed, and ready to start their day. But if something so important is what you need to get your day started why haven’t you considered going on a trip centered around your favorite beverage? People go on wine and whiskey tours, why not a coffee tour? After a whole lot of coffee drinking and a fair bit of sleuthing, we have uncovered the top three destinations for the discerning coffee drinker to visit and sip on a wide variety of roasts.


This South American country has been known for producing some of the biggest quantities and the best coffee in the world for decades. But which coffee plantations are the ones that you simply have to stop by? The Minas Gerais region is where some of the best are grown and you can drive through and see the vast coffee plantations. As you go, you can stop along the way or join a tour where the different growing methods will be explained, which coffee beans are suited to certain regions, and then the best part, you get to try the different beans and roasts. Don’t forget to pick up a bag or two to bring home with you.

Coffee Capitals For The Connoisseurs


Vietnam has long been known as a coffee producer and also have some of the best coffee drinks in the world. Cà phê đá is a specialty Vietnamese iced coffee which features condensed milk, drip coffee, and ice. Once mixed together this confection is like sipping on a luxury dessert. Just don’t forget to brush your teeth afterward! But the region is also known for all of the coffee that it produces, in particular, a very special kind called ‘Weasel’ coffee. Now, you may have guessed by now but the weasel coffee is produced by weasels eating the coffee beans and then them being digested through their system before they are then recollected and roasts as coffee beans. Sounds, odd but we must admit it is delicious.

Coffee Capitals For The Connoisseurs


Last but not least, we come to Indonesia which is known for producing the most expensive coffee beans in the world. Once more it is because a certain animal had eaten and digested the beans which gives them a special flavor. On the island of Bali, kopi luwak is when a palm civet has eaten the coffee berries and then digested them to produce a stone or a berry that can be used to brew coffee. Due to this, it is incredibly expensive, you can expect to pay about $50 a cup in your home country. In Indonesia, it is decidedly less expensive and you can get a small bag of coffee beans for about $20. This makes it worth a visit if you want to drink some of the best coffee in the world.