Discover Ancient Egypt While Cruising the Nile

For many of us, when we think of exploring the ancient tombs and sites of Egypt, we cannot help but invoke images of dusty desert landscapes, dark tombs, and the hot, unforgiving sun. We don’t necessarily imagine a luxury vacation spent lounging around and filling our faces with delicious food. While traveling across Egypt can be difficult, it doesn’t have to be. If you don’t have the stamina or commitment to travel across Egypt by land, you can always travel in style like the ancient pharaohs themselves and take a cruise down the Nile.

Nile cruises normally travel from the temples of Luxor to the ancient sites at Aswan, making sure to stop at the most magnificent sites along the way. Many affordable cruise packages are available and include luxury accommodation and comfort, pool decks and cabanas, delicious food, and a personal guide to take you along to all the sites. Instead of traveling through the hot desert by land, cruising the Nile lets you float down the majestic waters of the River as you travel from site to site. Along the way, you will be able to enjoy the views of ancient structures and the green riverbank in all its glory and beauty. During the day, you’ll be able to visit the ancient sites, bazaars, and museums and at night, you will be able to sit on the deck as the cruise takes you down the Nile by the moonlight.

Unlike an ocean cruise where passengers stick to group activities, busy decks and planned mealtimes; a Nile cruise is far more relaxed and allows you the freedom to explore, shop and enjoy the sun on the pool deck. You can enjoy panoramic views of the Nile and the ancient temples all from the comfort of your own cabana. Isn’t this much better than traveling on the highway between Luxor and Aswan?

Discover Ancient Egypt While Cruising the Nile

If you plan on soaking up some of the history, then having your own guide is great. Not only will you have a more informed guide by your side, but you may also get to see things most of the tourists don’t. From tombs, many don’t know about to great sunset spots hidden in the Valley of the Kings. Having a local show you around is a definite advantage. This will also come in handy when you are in the local bazaar and trying to agree on a price!

Did we not mention shopping? Well, you get to explore and shop some of the most amazing bazaars and markets in Egypt. Stroll down the narrow streets with the enchanting aromas of spices and incense where you can buy everything from gold to fabrics. There are also plenty of places where you can pick up some souvenirs. The best part is having the tour van available where you can store all your goodies until the evening (instead of having to lug them around with you).

This is a fantastic way to travel, after all, touring Egypt’s many sights during the midday sun can be exhausting and having a boat on the cool Nile waiting to take you onward to your next destination is a much-needed retreat from the desert heat.

Discover Ancient Egypt While Cruising the Nile

With the beautiful views, the easy travel experiences and the luxury on offer, a relaxing cruise down the Nile river is a great way to travel Egypt without breaking the bank or a sweat. The ancients used to say that if you truly want to experience the Nile river, you had to be on it. So, take their advice and the next time you visit Egypt, treat yourself to a river cruise.