Off The Beaten Track: Guyana

Guayana is still a hidden gem in South America. It does not have the same traffic as neighboring Brazil which means you won’t be surrounded by hordes of tourists. It is known for its access to the lush Amazon rainforest, Caribbean influenced cuisine and culture and an indigenous population which still resides peacefully in the rainforest. What makes it even easier to get around is the fact that it is a country where everyone speaks English.

What To See

Georgetown is the capital of this small nation and is a must-see for anybody wanting to explore. It is full of colorful markets with every fruit and vegetable imaginable, the Bourda Market and the Starbroek Market are both must visit for those wanting to pick up some fresh produce. This also means that the food is unbeatable so you will want to taste some of the culinary marvels of this region. If you really want to feel like you are off the beaten track then your next stop should be Rewa which sits at the junction of two rivers. It is only accessible by plane, most buildings are solar powered and there are no vehicles. You will be going off the grid for a bit here.

Where To Stay

In Georgetown, there are a lot of different hotels and guesthouses to rest your head at but in our opinion, these three are your best options depending on your budget. The Armoury Villa is your best bet as a hostel, with the Duke Lodge a great mid-range choice, and the Guyana Marriott Hotel the finest you will find. If you want a place with a nice pool and to beat the heat then this will be a little slice of heaven. In Rewa, the only real choice is the Rewa Ecolodge which will afford you river views as well as being socially conscience and working to conserve the area.

Off The Beaten Track: Guyana

What To Eat And Drink

Guyana is known for its food but also its rum distilleries. If you want to try some fine rum straight from the source then the El Dorado Distillery is a must visit. You can taste all sorts of different rums which have been aged for up to five years. Guyanese food has been heavily influenced by the Caribbean which shines through in all of the different curries that they regularly make as well as Metemgee which is a dumpling dish full of veggies and coconut. You will not want to leave after drinking and eating your way through the country and taking in its natural beauty.