Yacht Around In Cannes

The rich and famous are routinely seen on yachts off the shores of the French coastal city Cannes and you can be to. You may not need a multi-million dollar yacht to take you all over but you can definitely rent a more modest one if you don’t want to shell out $50,000 a day for the luxury experience. Here’s what to expect as you yacht around Cannes and hob knob with the creme de la creme of European society.

Yacht Around In Cannes

When To Go

We know that the summer months of July and August seem like the perfect time to go but this is when Europeans take their vacation as well which means that yacht rental prices will be much higher. If you go in the early fall or late spring it will still be nice and warm and perfect for tanning on the deck in big sunglasses and a giant sun hat. Booking in advance can also save you some major dollars.

On A Budget

If you are on a budget but really want to experience what it is like to sail the seas and imagine for a moment that you are a celebrity then you can always choose to have a private day trip. This will cost a couple of hundred euros but nowhere near the thousands of dollars, it costs to charter a boat for a week or more. You will not get to sleep on it but you will be taken by your captain for a leisurely cruise and served a delicious lunch by the crew, champagne and all.

Yacht Around In Cannes

Routes To Consider

Depending on how much time you have and your yacht budget you may want to consider charting a course to the Island of Elba where Napoleon Bonapart was imprisoned. Or you can head over to the Porquerolles Islands or even Corsica. The sea is your limit here, and time of course. With so many routes to consider you will need to ask yourself if you want to experience quiet island life, private moorings, or simply use the yacht as a means to get from island to island and wander around the little seaside towns. There is something for everyone. One company, Algae offers a variety of different yachts and sailboats to choose from which suit all needs. If you have a sailing license you can also opt to skipper your own boat which gives you even more freedom but you will need to do all your own cooking!