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The Jimjilbang Experience: Spa Land at Centum City, Busan


You may be wondering what a Jimjilbang is, well it is the equivalent of a Korean bathhouse which are popular throughout the country. It is a spa-like experience with a few deviations from those found in North America. Typically it is a gender-segregated space, with both the male and female sides having a variety of pools of varying temperatures ranging from blisteringly hot to ice cold to relax in. Then there are usually a couple of saunas, a shower area, and the spa treatment area where you can get a complete body scrub, massage or facial treatment. It should be noted that Korean bath houses are sans swimsuits, so be prepared for that!

Spaland in Busan, South Korea is one of the most luxurious bath houses in the country featuring multiple restaurants, theme rooms, an outdoor foot spa, a media room, and so much more. You should expect to spend at the very least 3 or 4 hours here as you take it all in, with four hours being the limit. The spa itself is an architectural dream, full of dark wood, leather recliners, and 22 different spa pools to choose from. There are also some strange treatments you can try like being fumigated (?!).

When you enter the spa, expect to be given a pajama-like ensemble which everyone gets which you are expected to wear in the public areas. Once in the locker room, you are given a locker and expected to strip down and head to the main spa room itself. Before you will be a variety of pools to choose from, some have jacuzzi like features that give you a nice all over massage. You may want to head over to the spa treatment room and put your name on the whiteboard for a scrub as these tend to fill up quickly. Then luxuriate for about 20 minutes in the pools that are inside and outside, maybe try one of the dry saunas which even have televisions in them.
Once you are finished in the spa room, don your matching outfit and check out the public spaces. Maybe go up to the media room and watch a movie in a comfy leather laz-e-boy chair or head over to one of the restaurants for some pork cutlet and kimbap. If you are feeling gimmicky go to one of the saunas like the pyramid room or the salt one. This will be an unforgettable spa experience that only costs about $11 for the entrance.