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Dreaming Of Summer: Travel Recommendations


With summer fast approaching its time to think about your dream summer vacation spots. Its time to shed those layers and enjoy the sunshine with these great travel locations. Keep reading to find inspiration about your dream getaway.
The Beaches of Catalonia
Leave behind the hustle and bustle of Barcelona and travel to the coastal towns of Catalonia. Here you can enjoy golden beaches and also enjoy the historic Roman ruins of the area. With plenty of fine wine and great tapas, this is the ideal vacation to sit back and relax.
This Mediterranean island is soaked in the summer sun, just waiting to be visited. Anchored off the western coast of Italy, expect to see super-yachts and designer shops, with beautiful villas dotted around. This time is perfect to go, as it is just getting hot, and the crowds will not start flocking until around June, so enjoy the quiet tranquility of the beaches.
Andaman Islands
Imagine an archipelago of white-sand beaches surrounding the Indian Ocean.

Stay at the newly opened Taj Exotica Resort & Spa nestled away on the private Havelock island. Nip in just before heavy monsoon rains hit at the end of August, and it will be quiet now. So if you need a holiday for relaxation and good vibes, this is it.
Yosemite National Park
California’s Yosemite is all about views on views on views. Imagine vast granite cliffs, giant redwoods and towering falls, high in the Sierra Nevada. July is the perfect time for Yosemite, the heat hasn’t dried up dramatic Yosemite Falls yet, and the flowers are starting to bloom, making the weather and scenery perfect for hiking.

Take a hike and enjoy the majesty and might of this ancient valley.