The Legendary Wine Festival


Every 20 years, an event takes place and it so happens that it took place this summer. A wine festival that has become known as legendary, Fete des Vignerons welcomes people from all over the world, over three exciting weeks, in the Swiss town of Vevey. Running from mid-July through to August, the festival is so big that a stadium that can hold 20,000 people is purposely built just for the event. With a stage as big as an Olympic-sized swimming pool it is certainly was a very large spectacle.

With the stadium resting on the Place du Marche, the tickets are hard to come by, despite the amount available. The festival has become one of those “if you know, you know” type of events and there are those attendees that like to keep it to themselves. Fete des Vignerons offers its guests a wide range of things to do and enjoy from music, dance and theatre shows, a parade and of course, lots of wine.

Not only that but the setting is utterly breathtaking, sat on Lake Geneva, the Swiss Alps are the backdrop to this unique festival. Vevey scooped the award for the “Best destination in Europe in 2019” especially due to the festival. As well as one of the biggest out there, the festival is also one of the oldest, first founded in 1797 and ever since, it has continued to get bigger in size.

The dates of the festival are always decided by the Confrerie des Vignerons council members and are usually every 20 to 25 years. Unesco has considered the celebration as cultural heritage and a “living tradition”. The town extends the festival with further live music shows, open wine cellar tours, and pop-up restaurants. Festival-goers can enjoy chocolate from Blaise Poyet’s Laderach sweet shop, a visit to the Swiss Museum of Games as well as the Charlie Chaplin museum which overlooks the vineyards of Lavaux.