London’s Top Vegan Friendly Hotspots

When it comes to cuisine, compassion is in. Veganism is no longer met with an eye roll and a suggested steak. Choosing a plant-based diet is a small but revolutionary act. A vegan lifestyle inevitably means a healthier one that is cruelty-free and actively minimizing your impact on the environment. As is expected, the bustling city of London is ahead of the curve. Restaurants and cafes are going vegan-friendly, embracing a new culture of consciousness surrounding our food. Here are our top three, must-try vegan spots.

Wulf & Lamb 

This restaurant is all about ‘fiercely kind food.’ As their slogan suggests, the menu is entirely animal-free. The dishes make spectacular use of some pretty inventive meat-substitutes. Smoky pulled jackfruit and wheat-based seitan both make a welcome appearance. We suggest a sourdough pizza, the towering house veggie burger or the creamy linguine.

Club Mexicana 

Inspired by the rich deliciousness and exotic spice of Mexican street food, this 100% vegan restaurant should have a place of your foodie bucket list. Located in the ever-trendy area of Shoreditch, Club Mexicana is serving up authentic and wildly creative dishes that will sate even the most persistent hunger pang. As their website warns, ‘If you’re expecting chickpeas and chia seeds, you’re in the wrong place.’

Cookies and Scream

Yes. This bakery is entirely vegan. Every single mouth-watering morsel is dairy, egg, wheat and gluten free. For eight years, the Holloway gem has been delighting local vegans who boast a guilty sweet tooth. But a visit to Cookies and Scream will not inspire worries about waistline or your conscience. Take a bite out of one of their oven-baked donuts or their chocolatey brownie and just try to tell us that doesn’t compare to the milk and calorie-laden alternative.