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A Look Inside The Most Exclusive Club In The World


For all the party people out there you may have heard of Berlin’s most exclusive club. It has been known for having a strict dress-code, no photo policy, and a doorman that cannot let you for your entire life but what is it about this place that continues to have people flocking to it weekend after weekend from around the world?

Meet Berghain
Berghain opened its old converted power station doors back in December of 2004 and has since become and continues to be one of the most lauded clubs in Europe if not the world. It is known for its techno and often brings in DJs from around the world for special events which are what helps to keep them at the forefront of the club scene. The building itself is set up so that it can support nearly 1,500 club goers but most of the clubbing is kept to the main hall with a small bar named the Panorama upstairs for those looking for a more relaxed atmosphere. But there is something else that sets them apart from the rest and that is the exclusive nature of the club and that is its clientele and how they choose them. Do not expect to be able to pay your way into this one with some sleight of hand money drops to the bouncer.

How To Be Selected
First and foremost there is a strict dress code which all potential club goers must adhere to. If you don’t you will be automatically cut from the line and refused entrance. It doesn’t matter how dapper you look in your bespoke suit. The general consensus is that you must wear black and anything with a slightly hedonistic edge to it may give you a slight upper hand. The head doorman goes by the name of Sven and is actually a street photographer which means he will be the one you need to dress to impress if you want to make into those hallowed halls. This club is no walk in the park or run of the mill discotheque. It is considered pretty hardcore by those who make it inside and what happens inside stays inside just like in Las Vegas

When To Get There
This is not the kind of place you show up at 11:00 pm on a Friday night. The party does not really get started until around 4:00 am when people have been out for awhile and then decide to go here. But the line can sometimes mean you are standing there for up to three hours just to be turned away for not having the right look. Be prepared for disappointment but if you do get in you will surely have a night to remember or not depending on how it goes!