Travel Hotspots

The recommended season for visiting the shopping capital of Italy is right now, with an average daytime temperature of 24ºC. There are a plethora of enticing shops selling beautiful quality Italian leather, to spend all your money on, and after a day of intense retail therapy, the city’s many delectable restaurants will satisfy your stomach immensely.

New York
New York, New York! Oh, how we love the fresh summer air this time of year in the city that never sleeps. New season’s styles will have just hit the stores so it’s worth allocating in shopping time! When your credit card is finally tired, escape the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, and visit Upstate New York. A fun road trip to the Catskills is definitely worthwhile, the drive through the beautiful trees is extremely picturesque, and getting cozy in a log cabin is the perfect way to unwind in nature.

Before the summer rush, enjoy Santorini, when the sea is warm and the skies are blue. Marvel at golden sunsets and stroll through the quaint cobbled streets of the old town with a loved one. This destination provides breathtaking vistas and is the perfect place for a long romantic weekend away.

Now is exciting time for all, as the city closes for fun parades, entertaining concerts, and wild celebrations. The Fiestas de la Mercè is the biggest festival of the year, lasting for an entire week, with hundreds of performances all over the city. Aside from this exciting celebration, the food in Barcelona is some of Europes finest, and the beaches are beautiful. This city offers everything you could want for a summer soiree.