Mont Rochelle- Richard Branson's Stunning Winery And Resort, South Africa


Mont Rochelle is a stunning 26-bedroom hotel and vineyard just under an hour’s drive from Cape Town in the town of Franschhoek in South Africa. It boasts truly breathtaking views of the mountains in the region, and if you are looking for somewhere to unwind, drink stunning wine, and breath in fresh air, this is the place to go.
Franschhoek is a traditional vineyard town in the Western Cape Province famously known as the French Corner of the Cape and is considered to be the food and wine capital of South Africa. Here you will experience the taste of true South African wines, and delicious meat on the braai- a South African barbeque.
The staff at the hotel, will greet you with huge smiles on their face, and will ensure that your stay is as special as possible. The pool area overlooks the mountains, and is perfect for whiling away an afternoon, with a glass of wine and a good book.
An incredible way of seeing the grounds, is by taking a horse ride through the vineyards, and really get a sense of where you are. This calls for an adventurous and enjoyable morning, with a few stops in between for wine tasting of course.
The rooms are exquisite and a taste of pure luxury. The spa offers a range of treatments, so after a day of horse riding, take yourself for a massage, you won’t regret it.
The town of Franschhoek is only a short drive, which the hotel will provide a driver, so take yourself for a fabulous meal at one of the famous restaurants, La Colombe, for an unforgettable chefs menu.