Why You Need To Stay At The Tree Hotel, Sweden

Every adult can relive their childhood dreams at this unique luxury hotel. A  treehouse that is ideal for grownups, this truly rare holiday destination boasts s six floating eco dens, decked out with scandinavian-chic interiors and idyllic Narnia-esque snowy forest surroundings. If you are looking for a one of a kind vacation, where privacy is important, this is definitely a place to add to your bucket list. Of course an abundance of exciting activities are offered, from horse-drawn sleigh rides, snowshoe-walking to scenic zip lines through the winter wonderland. Imagine this, after a day in the snow, you’ll return to your cosy treehouse, get cosy and order a heart- warming hot chocolate. This is truly what winter dreams are made of.
The Cabin is simple, with a plush double bed and two cushion seats by the window, to while away a morning staring out into the crisp nature waiting for your adventures ahead. Enjoy the panoramic views from inside the tree, and you will feel like you are in a magic fairytale.

Relax At The Spa

The hotel also offers Swedish massage (of course)  but you have to try the signature sauna. The tree sauna can fit up to eight guests each session, and towels, drinks, snacks, soap and shampoo are offered each time. Booked sessions last for up to two hours. Couples will love an open-air hot tub, to thaw out the icicles.

Eco Love

Britta and Kent, the hotel’s owners, are passionate about their surroundings: the treehouses are built on live trees, using non-intrusive construction methods, and they ensure that all materials are chemical-free. Hydroelectric power and low-energy LED lighting are used throughout, and bathrooms only use water-efficient sinks.

If we haven’t sold it enough, check it out here.