New Exhibition Alert: This Is New York 100 Years of the City in Art and Pop Culture

This is New York: 100 years of the City as the City’s Storyteller¬†explores the many ways the city has inspired storytelling. This documentary features famous and less-known New York images in film, television, song, poetry, fashion, and literature. It paints a collective, moving, funny, and sometimes even hilarious version of a city that has captured everyone’s imagination.

It is organized around the places that tell human-scale stories about New York. It features New York’s vibrant streets, subways, iconic parks, waterfronts, restaurants, nightclubs, and dense neighborhoods. It covers the 100th anniversary of the Museum’s founding. It highlights both the dramatic changes and the timeless themes that have shaped many stories about New York.

Opens spring 2023, Museum of the City of New York.