These Drone Images Will Change the Way You See the World

These drone images will change the way you see the world

Technology has allowed us to make some incredible strides in recent years. The advent of the drone has given us access to images of some of the most remote and awe-inspiring regions of the world. Before now, some of these sites have never been photographed, due to people being unable to reach those particular areas. Drones are now something we see regularly, whether they are flying above our heads at an event, or filming key information for a documentary, there are plenty of ways that the drone has become a normal part of our life. So much so that there are even certain laws regarding drones in different countries around the world. Here is a selection of drone images you simply have to see to believe.

Fall Scene

This spectacular image shows an aerial image of one of Romania’s remote winding highways. The stretch of road meanders through the surrounding forest dressed in the red, gold, and burnt orange leaves of autumn.

Fall Scene

Images such as these give us a glimpse into how a man-made road can cut through nature, while still leaving it to beautifully bloom.

Giant Bunny

This drone image captured something quite surprising. As a drone enthusiast flew his drone over the side of a mountain near his house, he noticed a giant pink bunny resting on the mountainside.

It turns out the bunny was a massive art installation that had been created by a Viennese art group. Not only was the bunny created to shock hikers, but its plush body also gave them something comfy to rest on.

Manta Ray

We love the symmetry in this photo, and we wonder whether it was set up or not since the picture is so perfectly timed. This shows two sunbathing ladies and two friendly rays happily swimming together in Sri Lanka.

Manta Ray

The drone has been able to capture some truly stunning images as well as videos of mana rays gracefully moving in the water. Although it may look like it could be dangerous, Manta Rays are in fact, no threat to humans; however, they have been known to show curiosity towards humans.


This shipwreck from World War II found its place in a province of Palawan called Coron in the Philippines. The island has a population of around 50,000 people.


There are many surviving ships in this area, and the Coron has become a haven for divers. The wreck is classed as “one of the most visually pleasing in the world” as well as the best of the Philippine islands. Even if you are not a keen diver, the island is recommended.

Plague Island

This drone managed to capture an image of a restricted facility off the coast of St Petersberg. The island is man-made, and a fort has been built on it. In the 1800s, the facility was used as a secret laboratory to examine the effects of plagues and viruses.

No one knows exactly what happened here, but after a terrible accident a century ago, the facility was closed. After the Russian Revolution, the fort was no longer used, but access is still restricted.

Mysterious Creature

Sometimes the images captured from drones flying overhead can be quite puzzling and even scary. Take, for instance, the images captured by a drone flying over a European dessert. As the drone flew over the area, it managed to capture images of a strange ape-like creature walking amongst the brush.

In the images, the creature seems about 6 ft tall with a stooped back and long arms. As soon as the images were released, there was a lot of debate online about what the creature was. Whatever the final decision on the creature, it is clear that something strange was out there.

Forest Landing

Buried deep in 10 acres of dense wood, just outside Portland, Oregon, is what appears to be an abandoned Boeing 727. Astonishingly, the plane is actually the home of Bruce Campbell, who has transformed the disused aircraft into an unconventional living space.

Forest Landing

Here, the plane is captured from above. You can see how completely secluded his home is, and this is something Campbell particularly loves after all his garden is a huge area consisting of woodland.

The Whampoa

One of the most rated places in the world for aerial photography is Hong Kong, due to its density. Specifically, The Whampoa, the city can be seen with a completely new set of eyes from above.

Stunning patterns and grids make up the city floor, and from above, it appears as if there is an abandoned ship in the middle of all the buildings. However, the ship is actually a shopping center and looks totally different from the floor.

Is that a Crop Circle?

A crop circle can often be seen in movies or documentaries discuss visitors from outer space, but how do we explain this crop circle that appeared in a farmer’s field overnight? There is, of course, always speculation about how they really got there.

Is that a Crop Circle?

The skeptics will say that the farmer himself went out and made these markings or at least some pranksters out there, but for some, they truly believe that we were visited from extraterrestrials that left behind a message. So, what do you believe?

Get Away!

We’ve all been there on the beach when we are trying to relax and sunbathe and then happen to hear some annoying buzzing close by. When we open our eyes, it’s there, a drone flying over our heads and invading our privacy without any permission! This is exactly what happened to this poor girl.

When sunbathing on a nice, quiet rooftop, she couldn’t believe it when a drone appeared to be stalking her. Getting angry, she jumped up and chased the drone away with a broom. We don’t know about you, but this gives us the heeby jeebies! Get outta here!

Traffic Jam

One of the most annoying things about driving is the traffic jams. There isn’t one person out there who says they are happy to be stuck in one. This drone captured this image when flying high above the motorway in China during rush hour. With a huge population of 1.4 billion people, areas can get a little overcrowded.

Although the cars are driving in lines, there isn’t really much order to the driving since there are no lines on the road blocking out the lanes. When the roads get this congested, it can hold up traffic for hours, with people often getting out of their cars.

Duck…its a duck

While drone pilots may be able to control where they fly their drones, they certainly cannot anticipate the movement of the local wildlife.

This picture was captured seconds before a flying duck collided with this drone. You gotta admit the look of surprise on the ducks face is kinda funny. Luckily the duck was unharmed, if not a little shocked. The drone, though, never flew again.

Almost overnight

This drone captured some crazy before and after pictures of a hospital in China that was built almost overnight.

The hospital was build to deal with a pandemic, and it took just 6 days to construct the large hospital. 6 days is quite an amazing feat!

Friend or Foe?

This granite giant can be seen from the skies over Edinburgh, Scotland, and rests behind a housing estate in a big farmers’ field. Back in the 60s, a gangster named Jimmy Boyle was sent to prison for 15 years.

Friend or Foe?

Upon his release, he became a writer and a sculpture. After a life of violence and crime, he changed his way, and this here friendly giant was a piece of his treasured work. Since then, the sculpture has kind of been abandoned and is mostly used as a hangout area for kids from the area.


This is an image captured by a drone flying over the city of Wuhan. As you can see, the city streets are completely empty because the city was in complete lockdown.

These streets are usually packed with cars and pedestrians, and it’s so strange to see it so empty and quiet.

Will You?

Now, this has got to be one of the most adorable images ever caught on a drone, right? As one man took his drone over the edge of a mountain to get some images of the stunning views, he happened upon this proposal.

Wanting to capture the footage but also keeping some distance, the drone hovered why this lucky man got down on one knee and asked for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage. We just hope that the owner of the camera was able to find this couple and share the footage with them.

Don’t look down

This shocking view was taken by a drone flying along the cliff face of Tianmen Mountain in China. The mountain is over 5000 feet high and each day thousands of pilgrims climb the narrow wooden ladder nailed to the sheer rock.

At the top of the mountain is an ancient temple and people climb all the way up to get there. It’s scary to think about what would happen if anyone lost the balance on the climb up.

Do you see it?

This drone images captured in Africa had the whole of the internet scratching their heads. With many people set on the fact that they could see just one thing, it was only when people got a second look that the picture made sense. But can you see it?


Do you see it?

If you look closely, you will notice that the black images are not actually an animal, but rather the shadows from a heard of Zebra, walking through the land at sunset. A natural optical illusion in all its glory.

Lifesaving Moment

While many people use their drones to explore and play around, drones can also be used by police and rescue crews to help locate missing people. This is exactly what happened in Britain when a man out hiking on the marshes with friends got separated from the group.

The group of friends immediately contacted police who used a drone to quickly search the marshland. Luckily they were able to find the man who had become stuck in quicksand and using the drones images; they led paramedics to the scene.

This is a funny-looking bird

If you ever think flying drones around animals is a good idea, think again. This man decided to see the bears in the wild up close and personal, so he grabbed his drone and flew it in the direction of the animals. As the drone buzzed around them, one of the bears found the drone quite curious and decided to inspect the drone.

The whole thing was filmed by his friend who had flown his drone a little farther away. The drone ended up being an expensive bear chew toy.

Seconds Before Impact

Flying a drone isn’t the easiest thing in the world, and sometimes getting the hang of it can be tricky. this drone captured the moment it was saved by its owner before crash landing in water.

While the drone did get s little wet, the owner managed to catch it just before it sank to the bottom. That was a close save!

Not as it should be

This pic was captured by a drone enthusiast as he flew his drone around some pastures. If you look carefully you can see something strange in this image.

It wasn’t until the owner of the drone got home that he noticed the man sitting at the top of the wind turbine getting a little sun. We don’t know how he got up there, but he must have been a little shocked when he saw a drone fly by.

Whale Watching

An amazing image that shows just how great the depths of the world’s oceans are. This snorkeler unknowingly swims mere feet away from one of the planet’s most majestic creatures. Humpback whales are known to grow up to 16 meters in length and can live for up to 50 years.

Whale Watching

This aerial view captures the enormous size of the incredible aquatic mammal. The snorkeler keeps well away and admires the whale from afar. What an experience that must have been.

Polar Prince

In the furthest reaching corners of Greenland, dominated by ice, snow and mountain-sized glaciers, polar bears roam the pristine landscape. During the winter months, the temperature can plunge to -58 °F.

Polar Prince

Here, a polar bear crosses between two pieces of ice glaciers. Sadly, this is also a representation of how global warming is affecting our planet.


When a drone enthusiast in Thailand decided to fly his drone over a local beach he was shocked to see something in the water near the section of the ocean where people swam. There, casually swimming along was a massive crocodile. The weird thing is that most crocs are freshwater creatures and this croc seemed to be a long way away from where he should be.

Later it was discovered that the creature had escaped a nearby crocodile farm and the drone owner used his images to help police track this escapee down. It is scary to think that this massive croc was so close to swimmers at the beach. Thankfully the police managed to track it down in time.

Clowning Around

Imagine casually flying your drone over your family’s fields only to discover that someone is trespassing. Now imagine that someone is dressed as a creepy clown.

Well, this is exactly what happened when this drone-captured images above a cornfield in someone’s backyard. It is not clear who the clown was or what they were doing, but one thing for sure this farmer will never see the circus in the same light.

Night and day

This is what you see when you fly a drone over the US/Mexican border. It may look strange, but one side is the United States, and the other side is a Mexican suburb.

It is strange to think that these tow suburbs are only separated by a wall if we didnt know any better we would think they were the same city. Can you tell which side is which?

Belvedere Hotel

Once upon a time, a hotspot for actor Sean Connery, this Belvedere Hotel sits on this winding road in the Swiss Alps.

Belvedere Hotel

Built-in what seems to be the middle of nowhere, where the altitude is 8,000 feet, you can find this hotel which featured in the James Bond movie, Goldfinger. Known as “The Jewel in the Mountains,” the hotel first opened in 1882. The historical road is known as Furka Pass.

Danger Zone

Drones have allowed us the technology to capture images in regions that would otherwise be too dangerous to tread by humans. Here, a drone captures another drone flying high above an Icelandic volcanic eruption.

Danger Zone

The lava, running between two mountains, can easily be described as a flowing river that looks as though it is on fire. This amazing image shows how powerful a volcanic eruption is.

Pacific Northwest

Out in the Pacific Northwest, this drone captured the snow so effortlessly on the ground of this forest, with the trees looking almost photoshopped due to their bright red color.


This photographer, in particular, mentioned how cold it was when looking to take this shot, “The temperature was about -5ºF at sea level, but -20ºF at 14,000 to 15,000 feet. It was also extremely windy”.

High Above

High above the sprawling streets of Barcelona stands the turrets and peaks of the city’s Sagrat Cor Church. Located on the summit of Mount Tibidabo, clouds swirl around the elaborate statues of the church’s false facade.

High Above

Also known as the Temple f the Sacred Heart of Jesus, it was designed by Spanish architect Enric Sagnier and was later completed by his son, Josep Maria Sagnier i Vidal.

High Living

The Katskhi Pillar is located in the western region of Georgia, in a village called Katskhi, close to the town of Chiatura. The naturally-occurring rock finds a famous Georgian church on its peak which is home to a local monk. Maxime, the 59-year-old monk, receives packages of food and supplies from followers twice a week.

High Living

A 131ft ladder is needed to be scaled in order to reach the lower ground. The pillar is a limestone monolith and has always been surrounded by legends. The original building was created in the 9th or 10th century.

Otherworldly Awe

Mardalsfossen waterfall in Romsdal, Norway, is one of Europe’s highest waterfalls. The vertical drop measures 1,175 ft. The swirling clouds create the illusion that the waterfall is floating rather than resting on a mountain face.

Otherworldly Awe

The waterfall comes from the Mardola river, which flows from a nearby valley. The water then crashes down in Lake Eikesdalsvatnet.

The Great Dive

This spectacular image is the result of human capacity, technology and meticulous timing. “He is over sixty, he is the world record holder for the Guinness waterfall diving.”

The Great Dive

“In China’s famous spout of the Yellow River and the great falls of the water tower in Heilongjiang province, he surprised the world with his leap,” shared the prize-winning photographer.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Created in 2013, the stunning Dubai Miracle Garden boasts of wonderful displays of hundreds of different flowers. The famous flower garden can be found in Dubailand in the United Arab Emirates.

Covering 72,000 square meters, the garden is the largest of its kind in the world. Here, one of the grandest displays is of this Airbus A4280 which was captured by Bachir Moukarzel, a financial controller.

Soaring High

In a magnificent display of synchronicity, this eagle was captured a thousand feet above the ground by a hovering drone. Birds of prey and drones have a contentious relationship. The large and curious birds are known to pluck the machinery out of the sky, mistaking them for another bird.

Soaring High

In fact, in the Netherlands, the Dutch police ‘employed’ eagles to take down drones that were flying in unlicensed areas. Although this may sound like one of the strangest things you have ever heard, it is very much true. However, after putting the plan into practice, the Eagles soon lost their jobs!

Lively Lillies

A woman is photographed harvesting water lilies in a pond in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. The photo, submitted by a Vietnamese author known as helios1412, won second prize in the People category of 2017’s International Drone Photography Contest.

Lively Lillies

The area is a popular site for plants and animals due to its fertile land. The abundance of agriculture in the Delta area has given the spot the nickname, “Vietnam’s rice bow.”

Optical Illusions

What appears to be a dry and cracked desert floor is, in fact, a lake. ‘Cracked Mud Boating’ by drone photographer Milo Allerton, captures a family enjoying a boat ride in Burke Lake in Virginia.

Optical Illusions

Burke Lake is a freshwater area in Fairfax Station, and the reservoir covers 218 acres. It sits in the middle of Burke Park and is owned by the local authority.

Brain Challenge

This insane interchange looks like a maze as well as something else, can you spot it? Designed in the shape of a brain, this interchange seems as though it is one of the most complicated on earth.


There is another interchange in Indy, very similar called the spaghetti bowl.

River Runs

This seemingly otherworldly image was captured by drone photographer Max Foster. The award-winning artist took this image as part of a series entitled ‘Elemental.’ The aerial view, taken from 1500 ft, shows the swooping lines of the Delta River in Iceland.

River Runs

Max considers himself as a travel and landscape photographer and we can certainly see why. He takes his inspiration from his youth, where he would sit and read through National Geographic magazines.

Mexican Madness

Mexico City is the sprawling and densely populated capital of Mexico. With a spectacular population of 21 million people, Mexico City is the most populated city in the Western Hemisphere. Here, an image shows thousands of homes located on the city’s vast hills.

Mexican Madness

The city is known for the Cathedral Metropolitana, a 13th-century Aztec temple named Templo Mayor as well as the Palacio Nacional, which is the home to Diego Rivera’s famous murals.

Camel Crossing

This image by Abdullah Al Nassar is a breathtaking aerial view of the rich red sand dunes of Saudi Arabia. White camels make their winding way across the dunes in search of water.

Camel Crossing

The dunes are in an area in northeastern Riyadh. Also known as the Hidden Valley due to its surrounding tall mountains, it is a popular weekend destination for locals and expatriates.

Duck Dynasty

Raising ducks is a common practice in Asian countries. Many farmers depend on their livelihood. The ducks are used for meat and feathers. Here, a Vietnamese duck farmer makes his way across his property.

Duck Dynasty

The farmer makes his daily rounds, striding through the water to feed the ducks. Each time, the ducks will move away from him in groups, creating different shapes upon the surface of the water.

Chasing Waterfalls

Famed for its turquoise water, Cascada de Tamul is the result of two rivers merging—the Gallinas River and the Santa Maria River—which create a 300-m wide waterfall. The best way to view the waterfall is from the river in a traditional wooden panga (canoe), which you can paddle upstream.

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

105 meters high, shortly after the waterfall, there is a stunning cave that is worth a peek in to. A popular travelers adventures, Salazar said, “suddenly you are in a river, bluer than anything you’ve seen. Freshwaters, nice canoes to row, and an amazing waterfall.”

Remote Fort

This drone managed to capture footage of the Stack Rock Fort, which is located off the coast of Wales. The fort was built in 1850 and once housed many cannons and guns that were used to defend the English coastline.


While the fort is no longer in use, unfortunately, it has a grade 2 listing, which means no one has stepped foot on the island in many years. This means the images captured by this drone are some of the most recent pics of this remote piece of history.

Magical Spirals

This earthwork sculpture, created by a famous American artist called Robert Smithson, is named Spiral Jetty, and it was constructed in April 1970. Rarely do we get the opportunity to turn our perspective upside down, but thanks to prominent aerial photographers, this spectacular image shows off the texture and outstanding natural beauty of the scene.

Magical Spirals

The creation was documented in a 32-minute film, and the sculpture can only be seen when the water levels drop below 4,195 feet.

Dizzying Heights

This image was the first prize winner of the 2016 International Drone Footage photography awards. The image, shot from a dizzying height, shows a climber scaling the side of a mountain face in Moab, Utah. The competition saw around 6000 submitted, with the hope the scoop the number one spot of at least one of the three categories.

Dizzying Heights

The photographer, Max Seigal, said, “Two years ago, I started flying drones, and I quickly realized their potential to capture stunning, never-before-seen views. I’ve been hooked ever since!”

Palm Island

Well, this looks like a strange-looking island, but in actual fact, this is a drone image of one of Dubai’s most beautiful man-made wonders. This is Palm Islands are a group of artificial islands just off the coast of Dubai.

Here each branch of the palm tree is home to plenty of houses and villas and it makes up a pretty awesome suburb. At the apex of the island, at the bottom of the image, is the majestic Atlantis hotel and resort which features one of the coolest waterparks in the world. It looks like a great place to live!

Big Cat Fury

Well, it seems this drone managed to come across a pride of lions lazing in the afternoon sun. The problem is the lions have noticed the drone buzzing above them.

While it makes for a great picture, let’s hope these lions cant jump up and attack the drone.


This aesthetically pleasing image shows women in Asia picking marigolds in the fields. The symmetry and bright colors give this piece a calming yet happy feel. These type of fields have become a popular destination for backpackers.


Wanting to get the perfect photo, often people will arrive with the hope they can bribe the workers into allowing them to have a picture as they walk through the fields.

Fish Island

This tiny island has been shaped by tides and oceans for years and the result is this weird shape. It almost looks like a little fish.

From the drone image, you can also see the remains of a fort that was built on the island centuries ago. This would have been a perfect island for pirates to hide their hidden treasure. After all, a fish-shaped island must be pretty unique!

Walking Wolf Man

When a man playing with his drone one night in his backyard heard screams coming from nearby, he decided the safest thing would be to use his drone to check it out. Flying his drone close to the ground, the man captured images of a wolf walking upright on its hind legs and chasing a woman.

The noise of the drone seemed to have scared the creature off, which immediately dropped to all fours and ran away. The images he ended up capturing did little to explain what had happened and instead only led to more questions.

Nets Away

This amazing image may look quite confusing, but this is what it looks like when fishermen release their nets into the ocean. This fisherman was fishing off the coast of Vietnam, and while it looks like the net is floating above the boat, it’s actually floating in the water.

Doesn’t that look so cool! Unfortunately for the fisherman, it doesn’t look like there is much fish trapped in the net.

Stairway To Heaven

You will find this exhausting-looking staircase, in the Algarve, Portugal. The walkway leads to one of “the most beautiful beaches” in the Faro district. Portugal’s southernmost region is known for its Atlantic beaches and sandy coves. Since the 1960s, when the area was transformed, this is now a popular holiday destination and is full of resorts, hotels, restaurants, and bars.

Stairway To Heaven

While it looks amazing when photographed from up above, from the beach, it looks as if the stairway slithers up the rocks and into the sky. With a heavenly climate and small picturesque fishing villages, it is a great place to visit. just keep in mind though…you will have to take the stairs.


For a drone enthusiast in Idaho, his images ended up being the result of an elaborate plan by his friends. It all started when a man bought himself a top of the line drone and started taking it out for flights over the countryside. He was so impressed with the drone footage that he told his friends all about it. Interested, they asked their friend where and when he liked to fly his drone.

The next time he took the drone out, he captured images of what appeared to be bigfoot walking across the landscape. The man immediately sent his footage to experts and went back the next day to see more. It was then that he discovered that it was his best friends dressed up in bigfoot costumes and pulling an epic prank.