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Nightlife Edition: Haifa, Israel


Haifa is usually considered a day-trip from Tel Aviv or other spots which are considered to have a bit more going on in Israel. But other than it’s obvious charm and the fact that it is the third biggest city in Israel it definitely has some places to go to once Shabbat roles around. Here are five bars and clubs worth checking out after a busy day touring the Bahá’í Gardens and Stella Maris Lighthouse and Carmelite Monastery.
Feiwel Bar – Carmel Center
This bar is always busy and features an indoor and outdoor seating area. The crowd here is typically quite young between 18-25 but they often have parties during the day. It is a good starting point before continuing on with the rest of your evening since nobody really goes out until after 10:00 p.m.

The Duke – Moriya Boulevard
This is an Irish style pub and is known for its more upscale atmosphere, older crowd and amazing food. If you want to sit down with friends, have a good meal and a great cocktail like the Ice Tea Duke Style you will not be disappointed. When you hear the bartender ring the bell you will know it is chaser time.

Loft124 – Carmel Center
If you are looking for the club experience, then you can check out the Loft which is walking distance from both bars mentioned above. While not a large place it has Hip Hop nights some Thursdays, visiting DJ’s and Friday is always a squeeze. Some Friday’s a techno room opens in the same building called Barcode which is also included in the cover. The music is usually a mix of current club hits and Israeli favorites such as Omer Adam.

Kabareet – Downtown
The downtown core near the Port of Haifa also has a lot of bars in the Paris Square area and its surrounding to check out. Kabareet is unique in that it feels like you have stepped back in time as you walk through the brick-walled outer area and into the dark couch-laden indoor bar area. They often have DJ’s playing Middle Eastern inspired house and techno.
Bordello – Port of Haifa Area
This little hole in the wall place is hidden down a side street just up and around the corner from Taco Slash a great little Mexican eatery. Sometimes you can enter it from an unmarked door on the street or you need to walk down the alley parallel to the road to enter. It is full of religious icons, a cash bar, and groovy music. There are little retro rooms for you to hang out in or you can simply sit outside on the patio and take in the Haifa night air.