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Off The Beaten Track: Dahab, Egypt


If you have been to Egypt or thought about going there then chances are you have heard of the famous diving town Sharm el-Sheikh. The area is known for its massive resorts and as a major tourist destination, but there is a smaller town about 60 miles away to the north which offers better diving, that laid back vibe weary travelers seek, and amazing food. Plus, there are a ton of cultural activities and places to see and things to do there. The following is a rundown of where you should stay, what you should do, and how to get there.

No trip is complete without diving the famous Blue Hole. This is not a dive for newbies though if you are just learning stick to some shallower ones as the Blue Hole measures an impressive 330 feet to the bottom with an accompanying tunnel that leads directly to the ocean. Free divers like to come and test their mettle here but that is what has given it its other well-known nickname: The Diver’s Cemetery. Close by is the SS Thistlegorm which is a WWII British freighter that was sunk by the Germans. This is another epic dive site for all levels. If diving is not to your liking then, as this used to be a Bedouin village you can check out a camel tour,  or go on horseback to traverse the beaches and take in nature.

Dahab is relatively affordable if you are looking for a splashy resort. The Dahab Paradise offers beachfront rooms at around $60 a night along with its own pool that overlooks the water. If you are a budget traveler then you have a TON of choices in terms of Airbnb’s (which is the best option). You can get an apartment for roughly $25 USD a night and make all of your own meals to cut costs down.

Getting There
If you are coming from within Egypt proper then you can catch a bus from Sharm el-Sheikh which takes about 2 hours, or you can get a taxi which takes an hour and a half. Both options are relatively inexpensive costing about $12. If you are crossing over from the Israel side then you will want to do so from Eilat. You will need to drive or take a bus to the Taba Border Passage, cross over and then bus to Nuweiba, followed by a taxi to Dahab. Just be mindful of any visas you may need depending on where you are crossing over. You do not want to be held up along the way!