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Off The Beaten Track: Koh Rong, Cambodia


If you have been looking for an island paradise that is not yet over-developed and thus overrun by backpackers on the banana pancake trail then Koh Rong might be just the spot for you. A lot of backpackers will end up in Sihanoukville on yoga retreats and MMA courses but it does not offer the pristine beach experience that most travelers want once they are coastal. Koh Rong does but it should be noted that because it is still pretty underdeveloped amenities can sometimes be scarce and power can be rationed.

What To Do
This is the place you go to just sit on the beach, relax, and detox from the world. Koh Toch Beach is lined with guesthouses and bars up on stilts for you to stay at but the beaches that surround the island are the real charm. Close by Sok San is well worth the boat ride as it will take you away from pretty much all the people so you can relax even more.

If you are pretty budget conscious you will have no problem finding a place to stay. The Treehouse Bungalows are around $16 a night which is worth it if you want to be right on the beach. If you are willing to shell out for something more mid-range and quieter then the Soksan Beach Resort is the place to stay. It has the thatched beach bungalows everyone wants, an open-air bar with beach views all around and a relatively untouched beach.
What To Bring
Because this area is still developing power cuts are a real possibility. Most hotels and larger guest houses will have their own generators but you may find yourself without power for a time. If you are worried about being able to charge phones and cameras definitely invest in a portable power bank so that you can recharge your devices. You may even want to bring two depending on how reliant you are on your devices. Or take this as a time to finally detox from social media!
Off The Beaten Track: Koh Rong, Cambodia

How To Get There
You will need to catch a water taxi from Sihanoukville to get here but once you are on the island you will find that there are no roads. Put on your hiking boots or running shoes and prepare to either walk around the island on the trails that have been created or catch the water taxis to other beaches on the island.