Out Of This World Locations

Throughout the world, there are utterly stunning and blissful locations that, simply by seeing it, can make you feel as though you are in an entirely different world.
They say traveling changes you, and most of the time, these changes are ignited by something deep inside of us that shakes our core, and for the majority, this is witnessing a place you didn’t think existed. Straying from the beaten path can open you up to secret waterfalls, mountains encased around a turquoise lake and much more.

Yosemite Fireball

It may look rather scary, but this phenomenon occurs only once a year, during the month of February, in the breathtaking Yosemite National Park in the United States of America. At this time, during sunset, as the moon begins to show itself, the Horsetail Waterfall glows as if it is a trail of lava flowing over the cliff side. This beautiful occurrence happens when the water reflects the moons light rays. What a joy!

Eye Of The Desert

If you have any been to the desert, you will know how vast and airy it is, with sand that stretches for miles and heat that can be completely unbearable, but hidden in the Sahara Desert, is a unique landmark. Witnessed from above, as you fly over the Mauritania area of the desert, you can see this wonderful “bulls-eye” that is 30 miles wide. With the never-ending tales of Atlantis, many have questioned if this spot could be where the city once existed.

Chichen Cenote

This astonishing cenote (a natural pit created due to the collapse of limestone that then exposes groundwater) can be found in Mexico and it will certainly blow you away. Appearing as if something from a magical land, the Ik Kil Cenote can be found close to the famous Chichen Itza ruins. Advancing 26 meters down into the water, it is truly a place of bliss and history.