These are the places that tourists can never visit

While we often discuss all of the wonderful places around the world that you can visit, what about those that you cannot? There are places that have been closed due to the damage that tourism has caused and there are other areas that people simply cannot reach, or even approach, due to the tribes that live there. Let’s take a look.
These are the places that tourists can never visit

Surtsey Island, Iceland
Surtsey’s volcanic island rose from the ocean back in 1967 and it was then that the island was banned from tourists. As a virgin isle, scientists wanted a monitor the area and record the colonization process of animals and plants and the only way that this would be naturally possible would be to keep it free from human interest. Just 20 miles from south Iceland, scientists have been able to discover many things and since doing so, UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage Site.

North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands
Amazingly, North Sentinel Island has an exclusion zone that surrounds it and it is something that should be taken very seriously. One of the last tribes of its kind left on earth, the indigenous tribe have been living there for over 60,000 years, with none of its people ever leaving the island. It is hard to believe that those that call the island home and completely unaware of anything to do with the world today, in fact, it is almost as if the two things are completely different worlds. Isolated from the rest of humanity, the island certainly has a reputation and the enforced exclusion zone was created to ensure any wannabe-visitors safety. With inhabitants of around 50 to 200 men, women and children the tribe still hunt and build with their bare hands and it was in 2006 that sadly two men understood too well about how important the exclusion zone was the tribe captured them illegally fishing. It was when the Indian Coast guard tried to get to the men that the tribe retaliated with hand-made arrows. We can only imagine what the tribe must have thought of seeing a helicopter flying above their heads.
These are the places that tourists can never visit

Ilha da Queimada Grande, Brazil
Another usual reason as to why tourists cannot visit can be understood when looking to explore Ilha da Queimada Grande in Brazil. A gorgeous island that happens to be home to the most venomous snake in the world. It isn’t a case where a tourist can visit as long as he watches carefully where he steps as there are 4,000 serpents that reside on the island. Given the situation, it has also been given the name, Snake Island.