Planning A Golf Trip This Fall? Here’s What To Know And Where To Go


Golf is one of the most satisfying sports in the world. This traditional game hails from Scotland, where it originated during the late Middle Ages. It remains a popular destination sport, with golfing fans traveling the world over to play in renowned or scenic courses.

A Social Distancing Pioneer

Interest in golf has surged as of late, and it really is no wonder. In a world that’s suddenly far more invested in social distancing than ever before, golf is a pioneer. There aren’t many sports you can play while remaining six feet away from anyone else at all times. Not only that, but golf gives players the opportunity to play a competitive sport in beautiful natural panoramas. Unlike virtually every other discipline, golf courses are in no way standardized. Exploring a new course is always a unique experience.

It’s also a sport that’s fit for the whole family. For instance, while most contact or team sports pose challenges when playing with children, golf is a great equalizer. As long as you can swing the club, then you’re good to go.

New Takes On An Old Classic

Maybe you’re just taking an interest in golf now, or perhaps you’re picking it back up after some time. No matter the case, there’s a lot of exciting developments about which you should know. Social distancing isn’t the only thing that’s changed lately. Technology keeps changing the way we play golf. From dedicated GPS smart caddies to laser-based rangefinders, many hi-tech tools are now available. You can even find golf cub trolley carts with GPS features, LCD touchscreens, and custom course data.

That’s without even starting to consider the many improvements to basic implements. From smart-grip glove technology to graphite composite clubs, new materials are continually changing the game.

Best Golf Vacation Getaways

The golden standard for golf getaways is, without a doubt, the Old Course at St. Andrews. Located in Fife, Scotland, St. Andrews is the oldest golf course in the world. It’s a spectacular pilgrimage for any fan of the classic Scottish sport. For those looking for a stateside getaway, there are also plenty of options to consider. You have the picturesque dual 18-hole courses at Massanutten Resort in Virginia, overlooking 6,000 acres of mountain views.

Over in New Jersey, Dolce Hotel’s Seaview offers two stunning 18-hole courses in 670 acres of beautiful natural scenes. In Colorado, Broadmoor offers spectacular dual courses amidst the Cheyenne Mountains. Meanwhile, on the West Coast, Monterey Peninsula is home to Pebble Beach, where multiple renowned courses await. Up in Oregon, in Bend’s Pronghorn Resort, two gorgeous courses overlook the Cascade Mountains.