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Reasons to Roam Romania


Reasons to Roam Romania

While visiting Romania there are some amazing things that you can do and see in Bucharest and Transylvania. This eastern European gem offers a little of everything with its idyllic towns, bustling nightlife, and rich history.
It’s Excellent Nightlife
As Romania’s capital, Bucharest is an iconic landmark with incredible architecture that demonstrates every era of the city’s history. Although the city is steeped in history it also has a lively nightlife. Nowhere is this more evident than at the city’s oldest brewery, Caru’Cu Bere. Although this is a functioning brewery it also features a beautifully decorated pub and restaurant where you can sample the beer and some authentic traditional Romania food.
If you want to drink in the gothic architecture while also getting a great cup of coffee, then the Macca-Villacrosse Passage is perfect. This picturesque passageway is covered by a canopy of yellow glass and lined by early 19th century buildings. Located right in the center of the old town, the passage boasts a mix of bars, cafes and lots of places to enjoy shisha.
The Mighty Palace of Parliament

One of the grandest examples of the city’s architecture is the Palace of Parliament. Although technically new rooms and wings are still being added to the building, the Palace is already the world’s heaviest building. While the Palace strikes a rather imposing figure on the surface, underground the building has eight hidden stories. So far, the Palace of Parliament has 400 rooms in use and some of these are open to the public for tours.
Medieval Flair
For an old town, medieval feel you might want to see the town of Sighișoara which still has its original cobbled streets and original medieval buildings. All the buildings in Sighișoara are colorfully painted giving the town an almost fairytale feel. Aside from the unique paint job, this town is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in all of Europe and its idyllic square is filled with great restaurants and a bell tower. At night the square comes alive with bustling crowds and festivities.
Haunted History
For the history buffs, Sighișoara is the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler who was the original inspiration for Dracula. The town has plenty of spooky museums where you can find out more and even one or two vampire-themed bars.
Reasons to Roam Romania

If you are interested in the country’s vampire history, then you can also visit Bran Castle where the legend of Dracula first began. The castle has a distinctive red roof and looms atop a 200 ft cliff. If you are brave enough to walk through the castles narrow corridors you may even be lucky enough to see a ghost or two.