Relax in a Hot Spring Infinity Pool Overlooking Volcanic Mountains


Ever felt like relaxing in a natural hot spring, floating on an infinity pool as you gaze at scenic views? If that sounds right up your alley, we have the perfect getaway spot for you: Mexico’s spectacular Tolantongo caves.

Hidalgo’s Hidden Gem

Located in the Mexican state of Hidalgo, Tolantongo is a deep gorge in the Mezquital Valley. It’s roughly four hours northwest of Mexico City. The Tolantongo caves are a series of remarkable hot spring pools carved into the natural terrain by the local population. Besides these steamy pools, Tolantongo features steep cliff walls more than 500 yards tall. Beautiful waterfalls are spread throughout the area, fed by the Tolantongo river. At the bottom of the canyon, two grottoes from the main attraction, with natural warm showers.

The peaks are permanently shrouded in mist, and covered by an incredibly diverse local flora. Many unique animals call Tolantongo their home, including hooded skunks and greater roadrunners. The beauty of the region has inspired everyone from generations of native cultures, and even modern Mexican soap operas.

Unique Volcanic Wonder

The mineral-rich, steamy hot water in Tolantongo flows from the local river. The river flows through the canyon grottoes. It graces the region with delightful, naturally-heated pools. This is all thanks to volcanic activity, which heats the river that feeds the entire region. As the river moves through the local mountains, it dissolves many minerals and salts, which give it a rich amber color. The water is almost always at a temperate of 70 °F. However, the current can get much warmer closer to the mouth of the grotto.

The farther you go from the grotto, the more the river mixes with unheated water, bringing down the temperature to more palatable levels. The river continues beneath the mountains through a complex series of underground channels.

Full Tourist Experience

Despite its relatively remote location and pristine natural environment, Tolantongo is also home to a full-service resort. You can get a fantastic tourist experience visiting the Tolantongo resort. It includes three different hotels, dozens of heated pools, and guided expeditions to the grottoes. Tourists often explore the grottoes, which have very tall ceilings but relatively small areas. There’s also a tunnel above the main grotto, with an enchanting natural warm water shower.

Furthermore, there are plenty of outdoor activities to engage in when visiting Tolantongo. Tourists can go on hiking expeditions, exploring the local fauna, flora, and sights. There are also organized rappelling and spelunking activities, coordinated by resort personnel. However, nothing beats a relaxing dip in the infinity pools, carved right into the face of the gorge. It’s the perfect spot to forget about everything.