The Most Romantic Place In The World

It is hard to choose one place that is the most ‘romantic’ but we think this might just be it and no, it’s not Paris which admittedly is always romantic. We decided that in order to be the most romantic it must also be one of the most remote. You and your loved one need to be able to spend time just the two of you, surrounded by beautiful scenic vistas, good food, and luxurious resorts. So what is the most romantic place?

The Maldives
This island nation is full of stunning little islands that speckle the Indian Ocean. Each one features pristine white sand beaches, little resorts that comprise of villas that sit over the crystal clear water, and amazing seafood that is caught fresh daily. If you love a place that allows you to simply be with your significant other without any outside pressures like having to figure out transportation in a city or having to deal with crowds of tourists then this is it. The Maldives are where you should be planning your next romantic encounter. All you need to do is hop on a plane, arrive at the airport, be picked up in a jet boat and scoot off to your resort of choice.

Where You Should Stay
With so many beautiful resorts on a variety of islands to choose from it can be difficult to know which one you should stay at. We’ve decided to make it easy for you. Baros Maldives is the luxury retreat of your dreams. It has been open for almost 50 years which just goes to show how popular it has been since it first opened. It offers villas situated in the lush jungle on their island with their own private pools or oceanfront ones which have infinity pools and sun loungers dotted around them. The villas also have open-air bathrooms with modern bathtubs situated in what feels like the middle of the jungle. Exclusivity and privacy are the key features here. You can do whatever you like and not have to worry about the outside world barging in.
The Most Romantic Place In The World

The Food
The restaurants on site are oceanfront of course, and you can sip on freshly blended fruit cocktails while you watch the sun sink into the ocean. The best dining option though is to have a private chef prepare a meal for you and your loved one to feed each other over candlelight. The tasting menu will be full of the flavors of the Maldives with a hint of the West and each bite will be savored.
So hop on a plane and surprise your loved one with the getaway of a lifetime!