The Royals That Holiday Together, Stay Together


You would think with all of the Royals living in pretty close vicinity to each other and in the same country that they would have seen enough of each other. After all, they put in royal appearances together, see each other for all celebrations, and routinely watch sporting events like polo and tennis en masse. Yet, it would appear that this is not enough time and even holidaying together is necessary. For this tight-knit bunch of royals, it is nice to see just how well they all get along since there are always rumors of feuding.

The Vacation
Each year the Queen along with Prince Philip head up to Scotland in Aberdeenshire to stay at Balmoral Castle. This fine Scottish estate has been her particular favorite for decades and while she is in residence, it is expected that a number of her family will join her for her sojourn away from Buckingham Palace. With most of her time spent in London, it is difficult for Queen Elizabeth to sit back and relax. She is almost always on the clock as she greets foreign dignitaries, attends meetings with Parliament, and hosts banquets. At Balmoral none of this applies, she is simply on vacation with any family members that she has decided to invite.

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex
Last year, Wills and Kate were in attendance with their children as they vacationed with the Queen and this year it is expected that Prince Harry, wife Meghan, and their new baby Archie will be the invitees of choice. Baby Archie is still a newborn which means the Queen definitely wants to get to know him since he is so young. Meghan has yet to be invited to Balmoral which means that she will be fully cemented into the royal family once she vacations there.

Some Drama
No visit to Scotland is without its drama though and things are not as calm back in London as they could be. Brexit is still happening and it is almost time for the new Prime Minister to be ushered into the government. Currently, the British Parliament is on recess for the summer but as soon as there is a change in the political climate Queen Elizabeth will have to return to Buckingham Palace. It seems like a Queen’s work is never done but we’re happy that she and her family get to spend some much needed time together away from the flashing lights of paparazzi.