See the Wonders of Casablanca


While the city was romanticized in the 1942 film, today Casablanca is still a dream location. Casablanca is the largest city of all of Morocco and its unique location on the coast means that Casablanca is a melting pot of Moroccan and European cultures and traditions. Here the east meets west and modern melds with traditional. Whether the city’s historical past calls to you or if the modern mecca is what you desire, here are some of the best places to visit in Morroco.
Stroll along the Boulevard de la Corniche
The Boulevard de la Corniche is an oceanfront pathway that’s snakes it’s way along the shoreline for miles. Here you can see the coastline for all its beauty, with golden beaches and the ocean on one side and hotels and the thriving city. Along the way, you can see ancient mosques and great markets that have survived the centuries while still enjoying the gentle song of the waves.
Visit the Quartier Habous Neighborhood
While the Quartier Habous is a more recent creation, having been built between 1910 and 1950, the quarter offers you all the draw of the older neighborhoods. The neighborhood was built in the ancient Medina style with French architecture and beauty.

Unlike the older neighborhoods, however, the Quartier HAbous has better city planning so the buildings are more pleasantly spaced out and the infrastructure more developed. Here you can stroll the streets and enjoy the cafes and if you want a more calm and pleasant shopping experience you can check out the neighborhood bazaar and market.
Brave the Derb Ghallef
Here you can find the country’s second-largest flea market where you can buy anything your heart desires. The Der Ghallef market is immense and stretches off in every direction. Here its easy to get lost amongst the markets many winding alleyways as you gaze in amazement at the ancient stores.

Here you antiques, superb cloth, spices, jewelry, and even modern gadgets. You can also settle in a café to escape the excitement and watch the hustle and bustle of this ancient market.