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Singapore’s Most Spectacular Beaches


Singapore’s Most Spectacular Beaches

At just one degree north of the equator, Singapore’s tropical climate is perfect for beach weather. Located in the Malay peninsula, this island city-state also has some of the most remarkable coastlines in the world. With its beautiful beaches and welcoming water, here are some of Singapore’s most spectacular beaches.
Pasir Ris Beach
As Singapore’s longest beach, Pasir Ris stretches for four miles along Singapore’s east region. Not only are the white, sandy beaches surrounded by beautiful calm waters, there are also mangrove forests that line the shore. If you fancy a picnic this is a great place to set up and enjoy the view after lunch visitors can enjoy the boardwalk along the mangrove forest before hitting the waters for a swim. If walking along the beach doesn’t suit you, you can always rent a horse and ride along into the sunset.
Siloso Beach
This idyllic stretch of coast boasts some of the bluest water in the region and the beach is also a popular spot for beach volleyball. If you ever imagined an island fantasy this is it, with its palm trees, white sands, and clear blue waters, visitors to the beach can sit back and relax and even enjoy a drink from a nearby beach bar.

Changi Beach
If sunbathing and catching up on your tan isn’t your thing then you can always stop by Changi beach for more beach activities. The beach features some amazing jogging trails, bike and rollerblade rental and dedicated barbeque and picnic areas. Here you can enjoy a quick swim before sitting down to a great lunch.
Palawan Beach
Linked to the southernmost point of continental Asia by a suspension bridge, Palawan beach has a beautiful white shore that is lined with greenery and palm trees. The beaches here are perfect for sunbathing and swimming and if the kids get bored you can always drop them off at the nearby Animal encounters center where they can enjoy fun activities and see monkeys, reptiles, and birds.
Lazarus beach
If beach activities and families are not what you are looking for on your island getaway then you may want to try visiting Lazarus beach.
Singapore’s Most Spectacular Beaches

This beach is harder to get to and therefore only a few visitors find their way to this beach. Located on St John island this beach almost feels like an isolated desert island and it’s guaranteed to be quiet and spectacularly beautiful.