Stunning City Destinations That Won't Break The Bank


Sometimes, we just need a holiday and it may be that you weren’t able to save up for something lavish and that’s ok. We can find peace and excitement in many places around the world without having to be flush with cash. When it comes to looking for a holiday, after spending money on flights (let’s face it, it is no longer very common to be able to get cheap flights to many places) your budget can drastically decrease and you can be easily put off with high priced hotels and restaurants but don’t worry, we’ve got you – here’s our list of the world’s cheapest cities, which you can enjoy without breaking the bank.

Prague, Czech Republic
The European capital is utterly stunning and steeped in history. Prague is a place where you will certainly never be bored and better yet, it is one of Central Europe’s cheapest cities. Whether you want to walk around at the wonderful sights for free or treat yourself to some nice restaurants, you can very easily do both for a fraction of the price it will cost you in many other cities. Don’t forget to check out Prague Castle and the amazing Gothic synagogues around town.

Athens, Greece
Greece’s capital is one of the most famous and oldest in history with stories coming from the city for thousands of years. The streets offer an abundance of culture and you will never walk away from a restaurant unsatisfied with affordable prices and fantastic customer service. There is a beautiful contrast of new against old and a must visit is the Acropolis and its environs.

Krakow, Poland
If you like delving into medieval history then Krakow in Poland is the place for you. The city has perfectly modernized itself around its past and made it very easy for a tourist to explore. With churches and castles in abundance, a stroll around the cobbled streets is more than enough. With hotel and restaurant prices cheaper than you can imagine, this city is certainly one to visit if you want a high-class holiday on the lowest budget.