Stylishly Smart Glasses for Back-to-School

What better way to start the forthcoming academic year than with a fresh look? Whether you’re heading back to campus, beginning a new journey, or teaching young minds, you can do it all in style.  Glasses serve a crucial purpose, but that doesn’t stop you from making a fashion statement. On the contrary, your eyewear is a brilliant opportunity to express your individuality, exude confidence, and make killer first impressions. Check out the ideas below if you’re ready to go back to school with a smart, new look.

#1 Think Thick Frames

We’ve seen a massive resurgence of thick-framed eyewear – not only in the fashion world but on the streets, too. They compliment just about any shaped lens and come in various styles and colors.  

Get campus-ready with a pair of these to complete your back-to-school wardrobe. They’ll accentuate your facial features while showing the world that you mean business.

#2 The Confident Cat-Eye

Cat-eye glasses have managed to stay relevant since the 1930s. Made famous by Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and even Princess Di, they scream confidence and feminine beauty.

While previous decades had their own take on the classic cat-eye, today, you’ll find varying shapes and sizes. From big frames to oval shapes, a pair of these are a must-have for any fashionista.

#3 Teach With Tortoise-Shell Specs

Another vintage look, tortoise-shell glasses have proven their popularity over the years. They debuted in the 1917 silent movie Over the Fence, with Harold Lloyd’s character, an average Joe, donning a pair. However, they turned into a more fashionable trend at one stage, which, ironically, saw waning interest. They sparked renewed appeal later on, alongside the classic aviators.


While these multicolored specs seem a bit risky, the opposite is actually true. Most designs come with a neutral palette that compliments a range of skin tones and eye colors. They go with almost any outfit – whether you’re dressed to the nines for a school function or getting ready for a lecture. They come in rich, vibrant shades, too, so no need to limit yourself.

#4 The Geometric Game-Changer

Geometric-shaped specs are all the rage right now. Hexagons, circles, and squares have all inspired this trend. They’re not only stylish but serve a useful purpose, too. They add angles to your face, which, with the right pair, accentuates your best features. These kinds of glasses are ideal for the rule-breaking game-changer that isn’t afraid to color outside of the lines.

As a fashion accessory, geometric glasses add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. Whether you want to spice up something you threw on for school or enhance your unique style – these specs will do the job.