Take A Trip To Victoria Falls

The magnificent Victoria Falls is considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It can be accessed from either Zambia or Zimbabwe depending on which country you happen to be in but it is well worth making the trek to. As you gaze upon the cascades of water flowing down from the Zambezi river, feel the spray on your skin, and see the rainbows that flit out over it you will feel like you are possibly in one of the most majestic places in the world.
What To Do:
There is no one way to see Victoria Falls, instead, the area on either side of the bridge which connects Zimbabwe and Zambia to each other offers multiple ways to take it in, in all its glory. You can opt to take a helicopter ride which will allow you to see all of the cascades and the mighty Zambezi River or you can get up close and personal with it by bungee jumping or going for a micro flight. Depending on the season you can also go swimming literally on top of the falls and gaze down into the rocky depths at the bottom. This is called the Devil’s Pool and is only open during the dry season when water levels are low.
Take A Trip To Victoria Falls

Where To Stay:
On the Zambian side the city of Livingstone, named after the explorer who surveyed the area extensively, has a plethora of resorts and budget accommodation to choose from. If you want to pamper yourself then the Royal Livingstone Hotel which literally rests on the shores of the Zambezi will more than meet your needs. You can sip cocktails and watch the sun go down, or have afternoon tea in their decadent restaurant and feel like you yourself might be an intrepid explorer. A more modest option is Jollyboys Backpackers hostel which has been voted the best hostel in Zambia since its inception.

How To Get There:
Livingstone itself is serviced by an airport so you can fly in from a number of the surrounding countries in Southern Africa. If you are coming by land you can cross over from Zimbabwe or if you are already within Zambia there are a variety of buses that depart for Livingstone every hour from Lusaka and other Zambian centers. Keep in mind that bus travel in Zambia can be quite long as the roads are full of potholes but that is all part of the experience.
This is a truly magical place and one that every person should experience in their lifetime.