Tips To Help Make Those Long Flights More Comfortable

While you might love to travel, taking a long flight to get to your dream destination can often be a nightmare. Often, these travel nightmares can ruin your vacation, so don’t get caught off-guard and try these genius tricks the next time you hop on a long flight.

Fly at the right time
Choosing an early morning flight is often the best choice for a less bumpy flight. During the day, the sunlight means that the earth heats up and causes hot air to rise.

This means less turbulence, and it also means that morning storms are less likely to occur. Another reason to fly in the morning is that there is less chance of a flight delay first thing in the morning.

Disinfect your space
It is no secret that airplanes are often full of harmful germs, and most time, these germs can settle on the surfaces near you.
So to avoid catching something, make sure to wipe down the surfaces around your seat with an antibacterial wipe. Also, make sure to keep your hands clean and use hand sanitizer whenever possible. Never touch your mouth or eyes because any germs on your hands can easily be transferred.

Sit over the wings
Sitting in a seat over the wings means you are less likely to experience turbulence while the seats at the back have the bumpiest ride. So if you are no good with turbulence or if it is your first time flying, make sure you pick a seat over the wings.

High Visibility Luggage

You may think your luggage is unique, but there may be plenty of people on your flight with the same suitcase. So to avoid having some else walk off with your luggage, make sure to decorate your luggage, so it sticks out. Try tieing bright colored ribbons to one of the handles or zippers, that way, when your luggage comes off the conveyer belt, you will know which one is yours.