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Top 4 Islands To Visit


Some people love being surrounded by mountains or vast grasslands and others prefer to be right on the water and not landlocked. For the seafarers out there, we have selected our top 5 islands of 2019. These are not all tropical pieces of bliss for you to suntan on as not everybody enjoys baking in the sun but instead, a mix of sun and snow depending on your tastes.

Palawan, The Philippines
First up, for the backpacker and resort goer alike, Palawan as it all. Breathtaking turquoise lagoons and an underground river which you can take boat rides along. Nacpan Beach and Nagtabon Beach provide the perfect backdrop for those Insta-worthy photos. The Puerto Princessa Subterranean River National Park will provide an experience unlike any other. Imagine a series of caves connected by the river and a secondary river which feeds waterfalls that cascade down into it.
This small island nation is currently experiencing the troubles of rising ocean waters due to climate change so it will not be possible to visit it in about 40 years. It is characterized by resorts with villas that stretch out over the crystal-clear water and provide the perfect location to capture mesmerizing sunsets. Snorkeling is also a key activity which you can do right off of your villa as there are over 1,000 coral islands situated all around the 26 islands that make up the country.

Santorini, Greece
Moving away from tropical islands we land on the ancient Cycladic Island of Santorini in Greece. Known for its blue and white cube-shaped houses and hotels overlooking the pebble beaches formed by a volcanic eruption in the 1700s it is a huge tourist destination today. With archaeological sites from the Minoan era to visit, black sand beaches that overlook the Aegean and delicious local cuisine this is an easy island to get away to.

Svalbard Islands, Norway
If you are in the mood for a cold island which is largely uninhabited but features stunning Nordic vistas, tundra-dwelling wildlife, and the aurora borealis then this should be on your island bucket list. These islands are right up by the North Pole, with about two-thirds of their land mass designated as national parks to preserve their arctic splendor. For the nature photographers out there this will be like visiting mother nature’s version of an amusement park.