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The Top 4 Places All Nature Photographers Have To Visit


The world is a huge place and with so many ecosystems, cities, cultures, and different types of shots from aerial to monochrome, it is impossible to really choose just FOUR places all photographers need to go. But we have attempted to choose four places which are a mix of nature and city. Each of these is in a different part of the world and are completely unlike one another in terms of architecture and nature which is what makes them unique. We’re sure you will come across many more of your own favorites but these should not be missed.
Sierra Nevada Mountains, USA
It might come as no surprise that this is our first pick. For the photographers out there you will know that this striking area had a portion named the Ansel Adams Wilderness who is one of the most famous landscape photographers in the world. His haunting images, often in black and white can be seen as you wander around the multiple hiking trails in the region searching for that perfect capture. You will be able to stumble upon hidden glaciers, lakes fed by glacier runoff and look like glass. Hiking to the top of some of the mountains is also a possibility for the more adventurous of landscape photographers and the views you are awarded will definitely not be disappointing.

Cinque Terre, Italy
This gem on the Italian Riviera has been photographed for ages but that does not mean you should not visit it. It is actually a series of five towns that runs along the coast that is famous for perching on top of high cliffs. All of the houses are in vibrant shades of terracotta and pinks with the sparkling Mediterranean sea full of fishing points lazily lulling in the waves. You will be able to capture the cities at night when they are lit up and look like little cities out of fairytales with stars spread across the sky. You will want to make sure you have a lens that works well with low lighting.
The Top 4 Places All Nature Photographers Have To Visit

New Zealand
When you think of New Zealand you may think Lord of the Rings and the Shire but New Zealand is a rugged series of islands that have a wide range of ecosystems to capture. You can head out to the mountains for those sparse winterscapes or into the rainforest for waving vines and gnarled trees with glistening glacier-fed lakes. Alternatively, if you want pastoral views there is a lot of farmland to photograph with many sheep. You can’t go here without one sheep shot.

Last but not least, Morocco. Morocco has deserts which the other three do not which makes for a completely different background. The cities themselves are characterized by casbah architecture and warm sand colored stone carved into intricate patterns. But for us, the desert is what makes this a must see especially when combined with Bedouin tents in the background or a string of camels walking across a shot. You will want to compose your shots with various focal points here as the bright colors worn by the people really pop out against the muted sand shades.
Now all you need to do is grab your camera bag and head off on your next shooting adventure.