Top Sites To See While In Moscow


Moscow is a lively metropolis with plenty of modern marvels and fantastic architecture. The city has a story to tell, not just about its most recent past, but also tales of the Tzars and great empires. While you may have your reasons for skipping the more popular sites, some of the top attractions are just too important to miss. Here are some of the tops sites in Moscow that cannot be missed.
Red Square and St Basils Cathedral
Red square draws large crowds each year because everyone wants to see the gorgeous buildings that line the square. One of the most gorgeous of them all is St Basils Cathedral that features unique and colorful domed rooves and painted murals. The cathedral was built in 1555 and while it is heavily influenced by Byzantine designs, there is no other building like it on the planet. Everyone enjoys taking their picture in front of the cathedral and if you want to miss the crowds its best to go in the early evening.

The Kremlin
The Kremlin is more than just a massive military complex. This 15th-century building once served as the official residence of Tzars and heads of state and was the sacred place where all the Tzars of Russia were crowned and ascended to the throne. It’s tall red brick walls have seen the rise of conquerers and revolution and today the site houses museums, historical monuments, grand paces, and administrative buildings. Most of the complex is open to the public and here you can explore the grand places and learn about Russia’s history.
Moscow Metro
Moscow’s metro is fancier than any other public transportation system in the world and here travelers get to ride in style. The metro’s impressive stations feature granite archways and columns with bronze chandeliers, intricate carvings, and porcelain figures.

The stations were designed by a famous architect and completed in 1935, and they have a great deal of historical and cultural significance. Here you can see architectural splendor at its finest while also catching the train to the next spot to see.