Our Top Tips for Traveling


You’ve booked your ticket for that much-deserved remote island getaway. You have your itinerary, the date is soon approaching and you have little to do but pack your bags. Here are our best tips for beating the heat on your next tropical vacation.

Hat’s On

When the temperatures climb you might need more protection than your sunscreen can offer. Try to find something lightweight that is easy to carry – especially when you’re hopping on to a plane.

Color Cool

Everyone wants to look their best in their holiday snaps but we suggest you leave your favorite little black dress at home. Opt for clothing in neutral, lighter shades that avoid absorbing any of the sun’s rays.

Fabric for Thought

Think carefully about what fabrics you’re piling into your suitcase. Lightweight wools, linens or chambray are going to offer you the most breathability. Forget anything heavy! Your favorite pair of velvet leggings will have to await your return.

Sunglass Sophistication

Your choice in sunglasses largely depends on what you’d like to spend. If you’re looking for a cheap option, head to your nearest convenience store. If you’re happy to spend some of your well-earned dollars – go designer. Whichever your choice, make sure they are polarized.
Hydration is Key
If you’re heading to arid, hot and dry lands you need to keep hydrated. Be sure to pack a water bottle that is easy to carry and easy to refill. This is also a great way to minimize your plastic usage.

Be Breezy

There is nothing worse than arriving at your idyllic hotel and realizing there is no air-conditioning. Be sure to check out whether your choice of accommodation offers this must-have amenity – this is especially pertinent for Asian destination.

Rise & Shine

We know you’re on vacation, but resist the urge to lie in and get up early! This is the perfect way to explore your destination and take a deserved seat and have a delicious lunch while you miss out on the hottest part of the day.

Shoes Wisely

Your choice in shoes is pretty important. Make sure you have a good pair of open-toed sandals that won’t have your feet aching after a long walk. Choose one pair of light, padded closed shoes – only one!

Eat Up

If you’re worried you’re not drinking enough water – you can eat your water too! Make sure you’re eating foods with high water content. Munch on watermelon, oranges, salads, strawberries and bran-based cereals.

Scarf Chic

This may sound counter-intuitive but you should certainly pack a scarf in a lightweight, breathable fabric. If ever the heat gets too much, soaking your scarf in water and placing it around
your head or neck can be the ultimate lifesaver.