Top Things To Do On A Christmas Visit To Jerusalem


Israel’s holy city is the perfect place to celebrate the Christmas season. Here you can see not only holiday markets and tourist spots but also holy historical sites and fantastic churches. From here pilgrims can move on to tour nearby Bethlehem and Nazareth before returning to Jerusalem’s old city to walk in the footsteps of Jesus himself. Here are some of the top things to do over Christmas
Visit the old city market
Around Christmas time the ancient streets of Jerusalem biblical old city are transformed into a magical festive wonderland as decorations and stalls go up. In this ancient part of the city, you can walk the ancient alleyways and admire the Christmas lights and decorations as you make your way to a giant Christmas tree and Santas village. The stalls here have a great variety with some stalls specializing in handcrafted Christmas gifts and others specializing in souvenirs of the Holyland. Enjoy the traditional foods and Christmas entertainment as you wander the streets that Jesus walked.

Carols on Mount Zion
At midnight on Christmas eve, people gather at the beautiful Benedict Church of the Dormiton on Mount Zion. Here carolers can be heard throughout the wee-hours as they sing popular carols from all around the world. At 2:30 am the procession then moves on to nearby Bethlehem.
Visit Santa
Visitors to the old city can stop by Santa’s house where Santa takes requests from well-behaved children. Here families line up to see Santa’s house and meet the big guy. The house belongs to a family that has lived in Jerusalem for 700 years and each year they decorate it for visitors.

Out of the kindness of their hearts, this family opens their home to fellow Christians and if anything was going to remind you about the true meaning of Christmas this is it! The house is beautifully decorated and sure to get you in the holiday mood.