Top Trends Defining Travel This Summer

With the rise of Airbnb and alternative accommodations rising above the hotel industry, hotels continue to grow from strength to strength.

Hotels Are Stepping Up Their Game

It seems that hotels are finally beginning to understand what the consumers’ growing desires for alternative lodgings are, and why they would choose to stay in a stranger’s apartment instead of in a hotel, whether it is for the value or for the experience of living like a local. Now it is time for hotels to use this, and really think about what they can offer, that Airbnb cannot deliver.

Hotels Vs Airbnb

The biggest advantage hotels still have today over apartments, is offering that welcoming sense of community: to be the gathering place for locals and guests alike. Not only this, but the way they utilize their spaces, enhances the way we live our daily lives, and has a huge impact on our visit to a certain place.
Today, hotels have become both central places for both co-living and co-working; living, breathing showrooms for retail brands; and in some instances, immersive entertainment centers. They’re also becoming more fluid, flexible, and adaptable spaces. “As lines become more fluid and you can use spaces more fluidly, there are new ways for hotels and developers to compete and new ways to use their space to pull individuals in and develop new business models off of that,” said Marcie Merriman, executive director and brand strategy and retail innovation leader at EY, the global professional services and accounting firm.

Retail Brands Opening Hotels Of Their Own

Today, we are also seeing more and more, exciting retail brands like West Elm, Muji, and Shinola opening their own branded hotels. And in this way, they are actually transforming entire hotels into more accessible, interactive showrooms for their brands, and the lifestyles that they promise to deliver to the guests.
At the Four Seasons Resort Orlando, guests can send a message through the Four Seasons app to order their very own hand-selected outfits be delivered directly to their room, without any of the fuss of shopping and crowds.
Who knows that the future holds, but it is a very exciting time.