Top winter but sunny destinations in 2023

These are the top winter sun destinations in 2023
St Maarten

The sunny island of St Maarten offers a variety of attractions, including stunning views and delicious Caribbean cuisine. The island is the smallest in the world and home to two countries. Sint Maarten (the Dutch side) can be found on the south side of the island, while Saint Martin (the French side) can be found in the northern. Although there are differences between the islands, both offer beautiful beaches and quaint, colorful architecture as well as top-quality food.

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira’s climate is pleasant all year, so much so that it’s often called the “Eternal Spring”. Winter is the best time to visit Madeira as it becomes less crowded and accommodation costs drop. This beautiful island in Portugal is a paradise for hiking. You can also stop at small villages and waterfalls on the way. Look out for whale and dolphin species that visit the coast in winter.


Jamaica’s climate is tropical like its island neighbors. There are warm temperatures all year and very few differences between summer and winter. You can expect temperatures between December and April of 27 degrees. This is ideal for relaxing on the island’s white-sand, reef-lined beaches. You can take a hike to Dunn’s River Falls, and then you can relax in one of the clear, terraced pools.