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Why Travelling By Train Is The Next Best Thing


Years ago, before plane travel became so convenient, people used to travel across continents by train. These rail lines were notorious for their pleasant views and tranquility. While many of us may have traded in our train tickets for boarding passes, it seems maybe some of the magic of train travel still appeals to us. So why not consider taking a train on your next cross-country trip?
Not so many security nightmares
It’s no secret that the present-day flight restrictions and airport security can be borderline nightmarish. So why not skip all the fuss and travel by train. If you are traveling cross-country this means no queues, scans or inspections. If you are moving across continents, you may still need to check in with customs, but you won’t have to go through the horrors of airport security.
The scenery can be amazing
The reason famous rail lines like the Orient Express were so mesmerizing is that these lines often times have a breathtaking view.

Why bother skipping over some of the more gorgeous regions on the planet when you can travel through them and see the landscape. See mountainsides, valleys and everything mother nature has to offer by traveling by train. From the Scottish highlands to the French Alps, traveling by train can be quite beautiful.
It is way cheaper
Okay, so maybe we should have mentioned this point first, but trains offer uninterrupted travel at more affordable costs when compare to direct flights. The other great thing that most train stations connect to existing public transport systems so you won’t need to struggle for a cab from the airport.

Unlike airline tickets, train prices are also more stable and don’t tend to skyrocket depending on the day you choose to travel.